What is the Deal?

The new big thing on abcfamily is a show called Pretty Little Liars. This show is based on a very popular book series called Pretty Little Liars by Sara Shepherd. Why is it so popular? It's popular because it keeps you on the edge of your seat and guessing until the end.

Overview: This show starts out in the sleepy town of Rosewood. It shows the lives of four teenage girls who have terrible secrets, Aria, Spencer, Emily, and Hanna. The only person who knew their secrets was Allison D'Laurentis. Allison was their queen bee. She took them under her wing and gave them what they thought they could never have, popularity. But Allison hung their secrets over their heads, she started hanging out with them less, and just being downright mean. So when Allison is murdered, of course they were mortified. Although, they were kind of relieved, no one could hold their secrets over their heads and make them do things like they were the puppets, and she was pulling the strings. Their secret was safe. Or so they thought.

The girls reunited once more, begin receiving horrible text messages from someone who goes by the name of A. The texts threaten to tell secrets unless they do horrible things. A ruins all of their lives. She tortures them day and night. The strangest thing is A  seems to always be there, always watching. Just waiting for them to mess up. Aria's secret: she's having a relationship with her teacher. Spencer's secret: making out with sister's boyfriends and stealing her sister's essay. Emily's secret: She's a lesbian, and Hanna's secret: she's has bulimia. Friendships are tested, secrets are told, and so are lies. Season three ends with the Pretty Little Liars going to a masquerade party where they plan to unmask A. They find out Mona is A. This realization shatters Hanna, wondering how their whole friendship had been a lie. Although they were happy that A couldn't send them anymore texts. Or so they thought. It all boils down to this. And this is how season three ends. Season four starts July eighteenth.  All in all I give this series a solid five stars.


Aria: she's the artsy one of the bunch. She has her own style that really stands out. She had jet-black hair and dark brown eyes.She's short but slim. She hates to fit in and tries to stand out and be an individual.

Spencer: she's a well-oiled machines. She tries to be the perfect model student by taking on a large amount of responsibilities, which she can handle perfectly. She doesn't care about fitting in, mostly just academic related things. She has dark brown hair and dark brown eyes and is pretty tall and slim. She's the brains of the bunch.

Emily: a competitive swimmer since the beginning of time, she loves the water and hopes to get a scholarship from it. She has trouble accepting herself for who she really is. She's the shy one of the bunch and sweet.

Hanna: a girl who used to be chubby, but has slimmed down and is determined to be perfect and popular alongside her best friend, Mona. She is determined to fit in and never go back to Hefty Hanna. She had blonde hair and green eyes. She's the style of the bunch, a fashionista.

Mona: Hanna's best friend who had the same problem as Hanna and wants to rule the school too

Sean: Hanna's ex boyfriend

Noah: obsessed with Aria

Mike: Aria's brother

Mr. Fitz: in an on and off relationship with Aria, used to teach english in Rosewood.

Ian: A person who was suspected to be A, Melissa's ex-boyfriend and Allison's, found dead, so couldn't be A.

Melissa: Spencer's sister, also a suspect that could be A, has a love-hate relationship with Spence.r

Toby: Also a suspect of A, was considered a bad boy, creepy and really scary, started a relationship with Spencer.

Jenna: Toby's step-sister, blind, also a suspect of being A, may not be blind anymore.

Pretty Little Liars is a mystery show that I promise you will love.