Gorgeous or Pretty?

     Shirley Temple is purely pretty. In her youth she had the rosy red cheeks, and eyes of innocence. The fiber of her being emanates a childlike nature. She walked, eyes wide and filled with absolute curiosity of the world. The ugliest dress could be enveloping her body and yet she would still be bombarded by a barrage of coos exemplifying how pretty she looks.

     Audrey Hepburn, by far, was stunningly gorgeous. She was the very essence of a fiery woman. Gliding into a room, all eyes would fall upon her in interest, acknowledgment, love, and lust. The days of her youth gone, and the understanding of reality equipped her with a set mind of what Audrey wanted. Strong, alluring eyes, and a set jaw, Audrey knew how to take care of herself, as well as how it affected the men around her.

     What's the difference between pretty and gorgeous? Well, you wouldn't call a woman pretty that would be an insult. Pretty insinuates that one looks like a child, aren't fully developed, or have yet to hit the level of maturity that makes one gorgeous.

     Much can be explained in the early connotations of the words. Each originated during the Middle English; however 'prettie' was more vastly used for estimation. Gorgeous, however, was strictly used to define ones beauty, such as 'gorgeuse' hair. The roots of the words again represent the difference between the two. Pretty, being indecisive like a child with its multiple uses, and gorgeous staying the same definition, like a woman who knows exactly what she wants. Shirley left you with a warm heart with whatever she did, and Audrey left you with a shiver of what she could do if she pleased.

     Sadly, the words are switched up more than possibly necessary. Such as Selena Gomez in her beginning roles on Barney, you would never dare to call her gorgeous, because that's simply not what she was. She was too set on finding herself, and what she wished to do with her life. If you were to look on her now, you would have no problem saying that such a young woman like her is gorgeous. Selena has broken through her girl like shell to evolve into a woman of society. She knows every result of her actions, she knows what the people want, and Selena's eyes have changed into those that analyze the situation, and take into account the life around them.

     Miley Cyrus, however, is only pretty. Despite that fact that she is around Selena’s age that doesn’t mean she’s gorgeous. Miley is still searching for herself. She presents herself as a child who is easily influenced by the society around her. She’s yet to find a place to cement her feet in and let the sheen of a respectable woman gloss over her to give off that gorgeous shine. Something’s always pulling her one way or another causing the crack to be made and grow. Yet people will call her gorgeous though is it really because of her or just her age. As a gorgeous female you caution yourself so you won’t fall, compared to pretty girl who looks upon people to caution them before falling.

      Those who misuse each word the most are those who don’t know exactly what they’re looking at. Men will never fail to tell an absolutely gorgeous female that they look pretty. This will then enter the woman’s mind and they’ll think “Well, what can I do better?”  They might even tell a pretty girl that they look gorgeous, and yet when they go out after that compliment they see people looking over them in a completely different way. Then again it just depends on who the person is and what they consider is gorgeous or pretty.  Though it all comes down to how the female treats them. Just how one’s attitude can make the person ugly, it can also make one beautiful. A gorgeous woman will hear what you say, and a pretty woman will hear what she wants. Now this is all strictly an opinion, one needs to look within themselves to make their own decision about how they see others and themselves. But publicly stating that you’re one or the other, can very well prove that you, are in fact, the opposite.