Trying to get your cat to drink can be very difficult so here are the tried and true tips that you can use to get your kitty successfully hydrated.

1. Try giving them milk and put it next to their food during meal time also try putting away from their food bowl (like near a doorway they frequent)

2. If you give them water, try giving it to them in a variety of container types to see which kind they'll drink from
    a. some cats prefer a low shallow china ware dish
    b. some cats like deeper bowls like a clean margarine container or soup bowl
    c. a lot of cats like tall yogurt containers

3. Some cats prefer fresh water, others like it to sit around for a while

4. You can also try to give them a small shallow bowl of water with tuna or salmon water mixed in (drained from the can, preferably low sodium variety)

5. If that doesn't work try adding some actual bit of fish to their water and leave a few nice size chunks in the center of the dish, get the fish flavor mixed in the surrounding water. If this works, portion the fish in ice cube trays (remove the bones, as the bones can lead to urinary tract problems in cats) then save the fish portions in a freezer bag and try to remove as much air as

6. You can take some of their favorite dry food and pour warm water over it to almost cover the food, let it soak and see if they like that, some cats do, some cat's don't.

7. If they eat canned food you can put their food in the usual dish or plate and add a 'moat' of about 1 tbsp of water around it and mix a tiny bit of the food with it so it smells like the food.

8. You can also take the can from their food and fill it a little over half way with water, again, mix it so it tastes and smells like the food that was in the can, don't leave this laying around for more than about 4 hours though as it can spoil. It's not just cat kidney failure you have to worry about here, spoiled food can cause a myriad of other kinds of feline ailments.

9. Beside which ever liquid you find your cat willing to drink you can further encourage them to drink, whetting their thirst by serving them their favorite dry kitty treat right beside their drinking dish.

10. Sometimes a cat will prefer to drink outside or in a different location in the house, at times, they also prefer to drink if you bring them their liquid in a favorite location of theirs or an area with less foot traffic, you've got to be flexible about this as kitties can be pretty fussy.

11. Sometimes lovingly petting your kitty when you've brought them a drink or brought them to their drink and even telling them to "drinky drinky" can encourage them. Two things though, be careful you don't make a pest out of yourself with them, just stay calm, because if they feel your frustration it will only make them more unwilling to drink.

12. Don't keep their food around too long after meal time, remove it about an hour after serving it because, like people, cats can confuse thirst with hunger and if their food isn't available they can be more likely to drink especially if the liquid smells like food

With all these tried and true tips on how to get your cat's drinking, along with providing them with proper nutrition and exercise you'll be going a long way to help prevent cat kidney failure in your beloved pets.