Summer is a wonderful time of year and most people spend lots of time outdoors. Tons of outdoor activity is relishing the backyard by sitting on patio furniture and drinking in sun and fun. Patio furniture is wonderful to own and enjoy. It should also be appreciated.  Show appreciation by treating it responsibly and taking good care of it.

Part of being responsible and considerate means protecting it from harmful effects like mold and mildew. Doing this allows enjoyment for many more summers to come. The most vulnerable pieces of patio furniture falling victim to these two effects are fabric cushions. There are more than a few ways to stop it from ruining outdoor furniture cushions covered with fabric.

Keep it under cover

When not in use, a nice heated garage is a wonderful place to store outdoor furniture to prevent the culprit from growing. If a heated garage is not a possibility at least remove fabric patio cushions and store these in a cool dry space. It is easier to remove mold and mildew from furniture frames and not the cloth fabric cushions.

Keeping your furniture or cushions under some type of cover contributes to a longer life for it in the long run.

Sprays that waterproof fabric

There are countless sprays sold in the marketplace to add a waterproof surface to fabric. Most of these sprays are easy and simple to use on nearly all cloth items. These not only work for  patio furniture cushions, but other cloth-covered outdoor lawn furniture like umbrellas.

Most waterproof sprays ask for good ventilation during application so use while furniture is still outdoors and not stored in the garage or other cover for the colder winter months. Apply and let air dry. More than one application is generally suggested for best results.


Fungicides are chemicals designed to kill bacteria growing into the problem on fabric cushions. These are usually sold in the form of sprays or liquid substances applied with paint brushes. Fungicides are strong chemicals, handle with care and follow instructions carefully.

Use fungicides as a measure to protect patio cushions for chairs, chaises, umbrellas and even indoor/outdoor carpet. Look for these in home improvement or hardware stores.

Other prevention agents

Cleaning these items thoroughly before storing them works wonders. Use household cleaning products like bleach or ammonia. Using what you have on hand is wonderful as a money-saving measure when necessary while still getting the job done.

Although fungicides and similar sprays are the most common to use, other treatments are also sold by retailers.  Browses the isles to match the best one to what you need.

Some removal products for patio cushions are ecofriendly or safe for the environment. These are generally not as harsh as other cleaning products. Along with being less toxic, they have fewer fumes when used.

Cleaning up after exposure

Use cleaning treatments sold in the marketplace to clean fabric patio furniture cushions. There are a variety offered whether fabric cushions are for wicker, wood, metal or plastic outdoor furniture frames.

There are products to remedy the situation before or after exposure.

 More tools to prevent fabric mold and mildew for outdoor furniture

Before applying any type of waterproofing spray or treatment, make certain fabric cushions are clean. A clean surface absorbs chemicals better in addition to removing any old spores. Old spores will grow into the same trouble if left unattended.

It does rain during the summer months. After a rainstorm, make certain you wipe patio cushions and furniture dry of any accumulated water to prevent any future predicament from growing.

Read the instructions for any treatment purchased from a store to guarantee it is safe for the furniture frame surface. For an example, if the spray treatment is harmful to plastic, remove the fabric patio cushion from the plastic furniture frame surface before treatment.

Keeping outdoor patio furniture in the sun keeps it dry and any moisture to a minimum. Moisture is a breeding ground for the challenge.  This is particularly true with outdoor furniture seat cushions and umbrellas.

In conclusion

Mold and mildew ruins fabric cushions that could last for several years if treated with care. Removing it from cushions restores them to new life and the money saved from purchasing new ones is used for other summertime fun.