It would seem that we are more at risk of being robbed than ever before. Despite high technology alarms, thieves still manage to rob people on a daily basis.

These days robberies are often a little different. Even our identity is not safe from the hands of a thief. Here are some tips which hopefully will help prevent you from being robbed.

When and where.

You need to be sensible and exercise caution as to where you go and when. There is nothing wrong with going out after dark however, some places should be off limits. Always think about your safety when planning a shopping trip or the like. Do not carry something such as an expensive handbag to go shopping as this could attract the attention of a robber. Be careful of flashing your expensive cell or mobile phone to all and sundry. Keep your money safely out of sight and a thief's hands.

Credit and debit cards.

Make sure that you store such cards safely and always know exactly where they are. The theft of even one of these cards could cost you dearly. Do not let someone such as a waiter take your credit card out of sight when you pay the bill for a meal. A small lapse such as this could be an expensive mistake.

Your Identity

Be vigilant especially online. Never reveal large amounts of personal information. Use good virus software. Only shop from reputable online stores.

The home.

It is a sensible option to have good window and door locks around your home, and use them. If you have an alarm system use it.

Imagine you are locked out of your home and see if you can gain access. Many people find that, if they carry out such a test, they can access their home in a matter of minutes. Use what you learn to improve security around your home.

Ladders and tools should be securly locked away. Many of these items will help a robber gain access to your home, if left lying about.

If you have precious items around your home invest in a small safe. This could offer you welcome peace of mind. Think carefully about where to situate this safe.

Invest in some outdoor lighting. Security lights that have motion detectors will help to deter a robber. If your garden fences and walls are low add a trellis to the top and a climbing plant. This will hinder a robber as he or she attempts to gain access.

Never leave a doorkey under a mat outside your home, in case you lose yours. This is madness in this day and age.

The workplace

If you have a locker at work use it. It is best to only carry essential items to work rather than lots of credit cards, cash and personal belongings.


Hopefully these measures will prevent you from being robbed. However we all need insurance these days, just in case the worst happens.