Fortunately, there are many ways to prevent mosquito bites, many of which won't cost you so much as a penny. From home remedies to commercial product and even avoidance of popular blood sucker hangouts, there's sure to be something that will work for you. Over the years, there have been many scares about these little insects. Can they spread malaria? What about other blood diseases, like HIV? While we now know that they cannot spread as many diseases as once thought, they can still spread some, and they are really annoying. The best defense you have is to simply prevent mosquito bites before they happen. Here's how to do it.

Avoid common areas that these blood sucking insects frequent. You can prevent mosquito bites by avoiding the water, and going out at night. These insects are typically out by the millions once the sun goes down. In addition, the water has always been a hot spot for them. Not much fun with this one, but it's really effective. For those of you that prefer to stay outside and have some fun, like me, there are plenty of other ways to prevent mosquito bites.

Use commercial products to prevent mosquito bites. There are tons of them out there. Some claim that they can cover entire sections of your yard, while others are used directly on the skin. In addition, you could use citronella candles, but recent studies suggest that they do almost nothing to push back the blood suckers. In addition, the big electric bug zappers that many people use have come under fire in recent years. Newer research suggests they are ineffective and actually do more harm than good. When the bugs are zapped, there remains are prone to flying several feet, landing in your food and hair. To prevent mosquito bites, you may want to stick with a product that has Deet, but there some natural types out there that work well.

Prevent mosquito bites by wearing clothing that covers up more of your body. This is a little tougher during the hot summer days, but it can work well once the sun goes down. There are many lightweight long sleeve shirts and pants out there that can be worn in warmer temperatures. If this is up your ally, make sure you choose something that's very light and can breathe easily. You can prevent mosquito bites this way.

Make your yard unappealing to the insects to prevent mosquito bites. Water, especially when stagnant, is prime habitat for them, so make sure drain wading pools daily. In addition, buckets or other items that have filled up with water should be drained. Keep it clean to avoid the bugs. In addition, if you're out at night, you could use a fire pit. The smoke will generally keep them away. Be careful, and make sure it's legal in your area. You really can prevent mosquito bites this way. This is how to do it effectively.

Avoid pleasant smelling fragrances and perfumes. In addition, it's been said that garlic can help prevent mosquito bites. If you're having a cook out, you may want to use some garlic for seasoning. No matter what you choose to do, you can avoid these insects, and keep them from sucking your blood. Now that you know how to prevent mosquito bites, you can have some peace of mind.