Prevent Stomach Pain After Eating

Many people suffer from pains after they have finished eating; however, not many of those people know that it is the way in which they eat that causes them to have these pains. Stomach pain after eating is one of the most common problems and pains that people face on a constant basis; some individuals even avoid eating because their pain is so bad! However, avoiding meals is not the practical way to go about attempting to prevent stomach pains after eating; there are many other things that you can do that will allow you to experience the same thing. This article is packed with ways to prevent stomach pains after eating; moreover, the amazing thing is that most of these things do not entirely change what food or the amount of food that you eat, but merely change the ways that you go about eating them. Utilize the tips that are provided in this article, and you will have no problem in your attempts to prevent stomach pain after eating!

Prevent Stomach Pain After Eating By Avoiding Junk Food

A simple rule of thumb to follow is to treat your stomach in the manner that you would like it to treat you; if you feed your stomach junk food, it will provide you with a junky feeling after eating. Many people go about eating fast food hamburgers and enjoying the taste of them, and them quickly complain about stomach pain after eating them! In addition to making us gain weight, and have less energy, junk foods cause our bodies to endure horrible foods when we are done digesting them!

Prevent Stomach Pain After Eating By Chewing More

Think for a second about the horrible feeling that you would have to endure if you were to swallow a 25 cent coin whole. The sad fact of the matter is that the less that you chew your food, the closer you will feel to that stomach pain after eating the whole 25 cent coin. Almost every single food on this earth is meant to be chewed up into smaller pieces before entering our stomach. Our stomach is surprisingly not that big, and most humans do not chew their food nearly enough; this negative combination is the major cause of most of the feelings that people go through! A rule of thumb is to chew the food in your mouth 27 times before attempting to swallow it; some foods that are very thick may require even more chewing before swallowing. By doing this you will absolutely avoid any stomach pain after eating, as your food will be in tiny pieces before you attempt to let it into your stomach!

Prevent Stomach Pain After Eating By Drinking More

In addition to tasting great and hydrating our bodies, drinking while eating helps our food go down our throat and into our stomach in a smooth manner; moreover, this ultimately helps to prevent stomach pain after eating. Much of our horrible feelings after eating are because our food entered our stomach in a rough manner, and was too dry. Drinking more ultimately prevents this because it acts as lubrication for our food to travel to its destination in a smooth manner. A rule of thumb is to drink one half-mouthful for every mouthful of food; use this rule of thumb and your food will enter into your stomach like a child on a water slide enters into a pool!

Prevent Stomach Pain After Eating By Having Larger Intervals Between Swallowing

It is also a matter of fact that our food travels into our stomach at an extremely slow rate, and that humans eat at a decently fast rate; moreover, this negative combination is also a huge contributor to having stomach pain after eating. One way to prevent this negative combination is to increase the intervals between swallowing; this would give the food that is travelling significantly more time to get to its destination, which would prevent congestion in your throat, and ultimately stomach pain after eating! An easy way to ensure that you are waiting long enough is to count 10 seconds after swallowing before you begin to fill your mouth up with food again.

Stomach pain after eating is currently a huge problem because humans have a tendency to rush through things in our society. Although doing things in a speedy manner can be a great thing from time to time, doing so while dealing with food can cause stomach pain after eating. This article provides you with many different ways to prevent stomach pain after eating; follow them and you will never find yourself grabbing onto your stomach and moaning after you have finished eating!