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Approximately 3000 people die every single day by their own hand. For every success there were about 20 who also tried suicide without success -- they lived. If you have never had suicidal thoughts then it is very hard to understand someone who has, and some people find it hard to be empathetic to a person who wants to die. Suicide can be prevented with the right interventions. There is nothing wrong with you if you are thinking about killing yourself. Yes, you think that your situation cannot be overcome, that your gripping emotions will never improve, that you can never get clean and sober, that the depression will always be there, that the mood swings make people stay away from you, that you are "too much", that the abuse you survived left its permanent mark and you will not ever get over it, that cutting no longer cuts it, that that boy/girl dumped you, that the stupid bully will never stop picking on you, that the economy fell too fast and hard for you to recover, that…there are so many things that people think when they are suicidal. Mainly, they want whatever is currently happening to them, whether it is an outside situation or an internal feeling, or a combination thereof, to end. They want an end.

World Suicide Prevention DayCelebrate World Suicide Prevention Day

World suicide prevention day was started to raise an awareness of suicide. Every year there are numerous people who commit suicide around the world. Suicide is the intentional taking of your own life. The world suicide day prevention effort is an attempt to prevent suicide in all countries around the world. It is important to realize that suicide in one country is not more important than suicide in another. Some countries have seen suicide statistics go down because they have focused on suicide prevention measures. These suicide prevention strategies included enacting laws to "restrict means of access" so citizens cannot so easily get their hands on things to kill themselves. This has lowered suicide numbers in Australia, the UK, and in some Asian cities.

The other suicide prevention strategies that are helpful and need to be further internationally implemented are community suicide prevention programs and media reporting programs. These gives guidelines to the media about how to prevent suicide by reporting responsibly. Also, the community prevention programs help community members see where help is available.

To prevent suicide there needs to be a radical societal paradigm shift. People who think about suicide are not bad. They are suffering. Although not everyone who kills themselves is mentally ill, some of them are yet only 1/4 have seen a health care provider about it. Part of the reason that society needs to learn to prevent suicide and needs to take part in events like this one, celebrating world suicide prevention day, is because it needs to pay more attention to the motives underlying the suicide. Most people do not just wake up and think of murdering themselves that day. Suicide is a weed that grows slowly up the vines of your thoughts and emotions, eventually overtaking them.

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Prevent Suicide: Do Not Give Up 5 Minutes Before the Miracle

If you want an end, do not kill yourself. Once, someone said, "do not give up five minutes before the miracle." When you are suicidal it is hard to see that things will improve. It is like looking at the world through a black plastic bag and trying to see with clarity and light. Some people who feel suicidal are on medications for depression. Two main things can happen. One, the meds can increase suicidal thoughts, and two, the medication takes awhile to start working. If you are really depressed and suicidal then that time it takes for the meds to kick in and work can feel like forever. Make sure you give it the time the doctor says. They usually take up to 6 weeks and sometimes a little longer to work.

Your feeling can improve. They change. All of these situations, any mental health diagnosis or other health effectors, are nothing to be ashamed of. People who commit suicide give up, give in. It is tempting to give up in those dire situations, but don't. The wake of devastation that is left behind is huge. Even though you think that no one loves you, that no one cares if you die, that people will be better off without out, it is not true. Be stubborn enough to refuse to die. Find a small reason to live every day. Understand suicidal thoughts and lack of hope can be your brain's physiology, low dopamine, serotonin, and other neurotransmitters necessary to feel good. It is usually a factor of your brain chemicals getting so low that it makes it hard to think about optimism.

There is nothing wrong with feeling suicidal, but there is something wrong with not telling anyone. Suicide prevention is very important. It is one of those things that takes courage to step forth and speak up. Be stubborn and try everything to fix your situation. Let someone else decide what everything means though and not yourself.

How to Reply to a Suicidal Friend

If a friend comes to you and says that he or she is suicidal do not dismiss it. Sometimes people want to respond with a challenge. Do not dare or challenge your friend to "go ahead and do it" because it might be the last straw. The other thing you should not do is say something like "you've felt this way before and never done it, obviously you just want attention" or something like that. People who struggle with thoughts of suicide do not always tell someone when they kill themselves. Some never admit how they feel and then they commit suicide. Some think about it all the time and sometimes speak up. It is very individual, but if someone tells you then you have a responsibility to reply with compassion.

To prevent suicide you must not kill yourself. It's simple, but not. This seems simple, but it is not always so easy to follow through. If you are someone who has felt this way in the past and now is relieved, even if only for the moment, that you did not do it then you have the ability to help others to prevent suicide.

If you are feeling suicidal call the following numbers. Remember these are number in the U.S. and UK and Ireland. Call your local numbers if these areas do not fit you.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-TALK (8255)

In the UK, Suicide Prevention Numbers

UK: 08457 90 90 90
ROI: 1850 60 90 90

How to Celebrate World Suicide Prevention Day

The best way to prevent suicide and also to celebrate World Suicide Prevention Day is by passing on this information. Talk to someone about suicide. Information and knowledge are preventive measures, so just sparking a conversation about World Suicide Prevention Day approaching is good. Sometimes there are local walks and fundraisers, so you can take part in a walk for suicide prevention. The other thing that will be happening is a candle lighting ceremony. At 8pm, people around the world are lighting a candle in their window. Light a candle to help prevent suicide. Light a candle to remember those who have passed on and the people who suffer silently.