Protect Your Family From Influenza and Viruses by Using These Tips

This article will list some simple tips on how to prevent the flu from entering your home. As you go about your everyday life, you are exposed to many different bacteria, germs and viruses. You try to be careful by washing your hands often or using a hand sanitizer. Life goes on, and you do the best you can to keep from getting sick while maintaining your active lifestyle.

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Influenza – You are NOT Welcome Here!

Home is your sanctuary, and you want to find a way to keep the flu out. Actually, these tips are good all year long to help keep other types of viruses, germs and bacteria out of your house. Follow these simple tips on how to prevent influenza from entering your home.

Ten Suggestions to Help Prevent the Flu

* Cut back on the amount of mail coming into your home. Sign up to receive your bills online, and make payments online as well. This will save you a trip to the post office, and it will cut down on your exposure, which will help to keep you well. (This will also save on gas and postage.) Have paycheck(s) and any other checks (passive income, dividends, pension, social security, etc.) electronically sent to your checking account. 

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* Place a pump bottle of hand sanitizer at every entrance to your home. This will help to keep the flu out of your home. Request that everyone entering your home use it. Family and friends may prefer, instead, to wash their hands. Place a sensor soap dispenser in each bathroom to cut down on the transmission of germs.

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I have one of these sensor soap dispensers at each of my bathroom sinks and in the kitchen, too. They are a healthy convenience that encourages everyone to wash their hands.

* Leave your shoes at the door of your home. Doing this will keep all kinds of bacteria/germs/viruses from going all over your house. A nice idea is to keep a selection of slippers at the door for anyone and everyone’s use.

* Wipe off your groceries with disinfecting wipes when you bring them home. After all, that bag of chips will be handled and eaten out of simultaneously. The jar of peanut butter will be handled and sandwiches made. And drinks are handled while eating. So wiping everything off before putting it away just makes sense.

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There are many different brands of disinfecting wipes on the market, but this brand is my favorite. According to the "Product Description" on Amazon: "Disinfecting wipes kill more than 99.9 percent of household germs, including influenza A, on hard nonporous surfaces naturally. Streak-free formula is designed for quick and easy cleaning. Lemongrass and thyme-scented wipes deodorize and effectively control odors. All ingredients meet FDA food-grade classification. Wipes were made with no animal testing."

* Wash everyone’s gloves and mittens often. Since influenza is a contact virus, it is especially important to keep your hands clean. And keeping everyone’s hands clean will help to put a stop to spreading the flu bug.

* Hang coats near the entrance; do not place them on the furniture or beds. Leave purses and briefcases there, also. A good practice to follow is to frequently wipe off the handles of your purse and briefcase to keep them clean. 

* Put on a pair of latex gloves, and wipe off everyone’s cell phone with a disinfecting wipe. Be careful; squeeze out any excess moisture since you do not want to damage the phones.

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These gloves are a real convenience to have not only when someone is sick but for general cleaning as well.

* Also, wipe off all those other electronic items that are used constantly by all the members of the family. Computer keyboards/accessories, gaming controls, remote controls, etc. are prime targets for germs. Keeping them clean will help to keep those ‘naughty bugs’ from passing from one family member to another family member.

* Wipe doorknobs, landline phones, cabinet handles, light switches and other commonly touched surfaces in the home to help prevent those ‘naughty bugs’ from traveling.

* Carrying your laptop from work or school to home offers a convenient place for a virus to be transported. Needless to say, you can’t wash down the computer. Instead, designate a place where they will be used, and then wipe down this area often. Also, remind laptop users to wash their hands before handling other objects.

In Closing

In addition to the above suggestions, you must also do your best to maintain your health so you don’t get sick and bring bacteria, germs and viruses home to your family. In order to do this, you need to protect and strengthen your immune system. This involves eating balanced healthy meals, exercising regularly, reducing stress and getting eight hours of sleep at night.

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 Also, purchase a supply of masks and gloves to use just in case someone does get sick with influenza. Have the sick person remain in their room. When you visit them, wear a mask and gloves so you do not bring the virus out and expose others in your family. And of course, wash all dishes, glasses and flatware in the dishwasher since the high temperature of the water will do a better job of cleaning than hand washing will do.

Check labels on disinfectant wipes, and purchase the brand that kills viruses. Always remember to wear latex or vinyl gloves when using disinfecting wipes.

Hopefully, the above tips will help to prevent the flu from entering your home.