Drivers who use their cell phone while behind the wheel are prone to accidents because their attention is divided. They are trying to perform different tasks at once so there is a high chance that they will not be able to keep their eyes on the road.

A study showed that cell phone use while driving quadruples the risk of an accident. In order to address the problems concerning the excessive use of this device, the government has passed two laws which will strictly prohibit and regulate it.

Hands-Free Cell Phone

It covers the use of a hands-free cell phone while driving. The rules imposed by it and mainly depend on the driver's age.

Drivers who are over 18 years-old can use hands-free cell phones while on the road. They are allowed to use earpieces, provided that it will not cover both of their ears.

Here are two specific areas that are covered by this law:

  • Texting- Although older drivers are allowed to send text messages, they can still be cited by a police officer who believes that they were not driving safely.
  • Dialing- Drivers can dial a number on their wireless phone, though it is unadvisable to do so.

Meanwhile, drivers who are younger than 18 years-old are prohibited from using a wireless telephone, laptop, pager, or other type of electronic communication device. Young drivers may only be allowed to use their wireless phone if they need to call authorities due to emergency situations.

Handheld Cell Phone

Drivers are prohibited from using a handheld cell phone while on the roads. It should be noted that it is only applied to drivers, not their passengers.

However, the following people are allowed to use a handheld phone:

  • Drivers who are traveling along a private property
  • Drivers of emergency vehicles
  • Drivers who need to call for immediate police assistance

Being Compensated after Filing a Case

If you were injured in a car accident that occurred because the other driver was using his cell phone, you are entitled to sue him so that you can recover monetary damages for pain and suffering, lost wages, and mental anguish.

A Los Angeles personal injury lawyer will help build a case which is supported by strong evidence and witness testimony. He will do everything he can just to prove that the defendant's action caused the accident and you suffered from monetary losses because of it.