In order to maintain good health in a pet aquatic turtle, it's a good idea to examine your

Pet Aquatic Turtle

turtle on a regular basis. This will help prevent any ongoing deteriorating diseases. There are signs you can look for as well as preventative measures to take to insure no disease occurs.

 Examine your aquatic turtle on a daily basis for symptoms such as, lack of appetite (See Bacterial infection below), Inactivity (Bacterial infection), loss of weight (Bacterial infection), Unable to swim under water (Respiratory problems), Soft shell (Lack of vitamins & minerals).


Aquatic Teraphin


Knowing how to treat your turtle if a symptom arises is important. Meeting all the requirements of your pet turtle will prevent diseases that can harm them and acting immediately on your pets symptoms, can make the difference if they recover.

 The following are some basic preventative measures for the above symptoms. Keeping the tank clean by changing the water every week will prevent your turtle from catching a bacterial infection. You will need to have a good filter system for your aquarium which will help clean the tank. Make sure you have the right size filter system for your tank size. Changing the filter every week so that you don't have too much buildup in your system will keep your tank cleaner. Adding conditioner to the water to eliminate minerals that can be harmful to the turtle is recommended. Adding aquarium salt to your aquarium after each water change, is also recommended to prevent fungus growth (both can be found in pet stores).

Keeping your tank at a temperature of 70-80 degrees will keep it from getting a cold which could lead to respiratory infections.

It's very important to providing a basking site for your turtle with a heat lamp, which will keep them warm when they feel cold.

To prevent soft shell in turtles, which can be a debilitating disease, make sure your turtle has a variety of foods which will give them the vitamins they need for shell growth and maintenance. Calcium is needed also which can be attained in powder form or a floating form. It is recommended besides fresh fruits, vegetables and meats to also supply your pet with turtle pellets as they contain the right kinds of vitamins for your specific pet.

 The very best way to keep your pet aquatic turtle disease free and healthy is by using preventative measures. Once a pet aquatic turtle becomes sick, it may be too late to reverse the damage.

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