Accidents involving large vehicles are notorious for causing fatalities among those involved. The victims of these accidents may include the truck driver himself, another motorist, or a pedestrian innocently crossing the street.

Fatal 18-Wheeler Accidents have claimed many lives and can claim more in the coming years if preventive measures won't be observed in order to avoid them.

Operators must make sure that each big rig is in good running condition and that the person driving them is trained and experienced enough to maneuver vehicles of this size and weight.

Causes of Accidents

Big rigs are used to transport cargos by land. These travels usually involve long hours of driving and a lot of things can go wrong during these trips.

Accidents can be prevented once drivers and operators identify the underlying problem that causes such tragedies. They must be responsible and cautious in order to avoid the liability that they may have to shoulder.

  • Mechanical failure – Big rigs must be regularly checked to make sure that they are still in good condition to endure each trip. Every detail must be checked especially the breaks, steering wheels, and mechanisms involved in hauling the cargos.

  • Tire defects – Because of these long trips, it is natural for tires to be worn out and, eventually, be defective. They must be changed and inflated correctly and regularly to avoid problems such as blowouts and tread separations that can cause accidents.

  • Driver's negligence – A lot of accidents may be attributed to the driver's errors and poor decision-making. They must always be alert and keep their focus on the road to avoid accidents that threatens their own safety.

These drivers have a deadline to meet each time they deliver cargos. However, they must never jeopardize their safety by completing these trips on schedule despite of their fatigue and sleepiness.

Accidents may be inevitable with a reckless driver. So, operators must make sure that their drivers are trained and that the big rig is tuned up and ready to go each time they hit the road. On the part of the drivers, they must follow traffic rules and never underestimate the damages that big rigs can cause.