If you see one rat in your house, there's likely to be more. This is the most appropriate description when it comes to finding a rat scurrying along your baseboards or floor. These pesky critters are not only unwanted guests; they also carry dangerous diseases into your living environment.

Rats are invasive creatures that are able to squeeze through small openings and holes; thus, it is not surprising that many households are infested by these critters. The best way to permanently get rid of these unwanted guests is to prevent their access to food sources and shelter. If your house is currently infested by rats, there are non-toxic solutions that are very effective and safe for you and your family's health.

Precautionary Steps To Prevent Their Entry

  1. Block holes and cracks in your house foundation, walls, doors, or windows. You can fill the holes using steel wool.
  2. Close up the gaps found around pipes and cables.
  3. Screen vents and floor drains using a hardware cloth, which is an elastic wire-mesh material with loosely woven wires.

As a tip, avoid using materials which can be easily chewed and gnawed on by rats, such as rubber, plastic, and wood.

Simple Housekeeping Can Do Wonders

Another tip to keep rats out of your home is to simply keep your house clean and sanitary. Make your home less attractive to these critters by eliminating any potential food sources and shelter for rats. For instance, avoid leaving pet food out in the open. In addition, make sure to seal and store any leftover food you have. Lastly, properly seal and dispose your garbage. Remember that exposed food and poorly sealed garbage will attract rats and other pests to your home.

Non-Toxic Home Remedies For Rats

Peppermint: This is an excellent remedy against rats because rodents are repelled by its fresh, minty scent. It is recommended to use peppermint oil since it is more concentrated and have a stronger scent than regular peppermint. As a tip, you can soak a cotton ball in the oil and place it in potential entry areas of rats. Another option is to use fresh mint leaves around the perimeter of your property to deter these pests from entering.

Mothballs: Although this remedy does not offer a pleasing aroma as peppermint, it is still very effective against rats and mice. You can place mothballs in your closets, cabinets, or drawers to prevent rats from snipping at your clothes and other personal belongings.

Ammonia: This remedy is not safe to use if children and pets are around the infested area. What you can do is to place ammonia in a small bowl. Leave the bowl on the ground in infested areas. Remember to keep children and pets away from the solution. The strong smell of ammonia will repel these unwanted guests.

These are just a few non-toxic solutions that can help prevent and address rat infestation at home. These solutions may seem simple and obvious but they can go a long way in preventing rats from infesting your property.