If you must carry large amounts of cash, then do so in separate wallets and pockets. If possible, divide your cash and bank cards between your wallet and pockets. This obviously spreads your assets and if you do become a victim of a pickpocket then it will be less painful.

Keeping your wallet in an inside jacket pocket means that its less accessible for the pickpocket. If you must keep your wallet or purse in your trousers then make sure it's the front pocket. Placing your wallet in  your rear pocket is increasing the chances of being a pickpocket victim. When picking pockets the pickpockets find it far easier to sneak up behind someone than approaching them from the front.

By keeping your hands in your pockets you can ensure that you'll keep thieves hands out. Make sure you don't fall though or you'll fall flat on your face.

Avoid keeping a purse or handbag in your hand as it's on full display and it can easily be knocked away from you or snatched in the blink of an eye. Buy yourself a bag with a shoulder strap and wear it with the outside flap or pocket towards your body. The open top type of hand bags are so easy for the pickpocket to dip their hands straight into.

Carry your house keys in your pocket and not in your bag. If a pick pocket steals your bag and there is any reference in there to where you live, along with your keys you will most likely have your house robbed too. Try to avoid keeping your address in your bag if you can,. It seems a good idea to some people as they may get their bag returned to them if it's found by an honest person however personally I don't think its worth the risk.

Get to know what's in your bag and make a list of the identification numbers of your credit cards and another important items in there. Keep a copy at home in a locked drawer and one at work therefore if your house gets robbed you still have the details at work. Consider registering your cards with a card insurance firm. One phone call to them in the event of the theft or loss of your wallet will be all it takes to cancel all of your cards. You must remember to update them when you get new cards though or this system will fail.

If you are fortunate enough to have expensive jewellery then avoid showing it off in public in front of strangers. Doing this makes you a big target for opportunist pick pockets.

Using a cash machine is the time when you need to be on your guard, be suspicious of everyone. As you approach and before you begin to use the cash machine take a good look around. If you see someone acting suspiciously then go elsewhere. When you are using the cash machine, stand so close so that no one can see the exact extent of your transaction or can read your pin number. A good tip is to walk away from the cash machine in the opposite direction you want to go. This way when you about turn you will discover if you are being followed or not.

If someone is following you then run to a place where there are lots of people and telephone the police immediately.

Common Pickpockets Scams

Pickpockets have been known to shout things like 'watch out there's a thief.' The idea behind this is that you will instinctively reach for your valuables, even if you just pat your pocket to check that your wallet or purse is still there this will alert the pickpocket to its whereabouts.

Pickpockets often create a distraction by causing momentary confusion. Just a few seconds confusion caused by bumping into you or falling into you is all the pickpocket needs.