Scaffolds are usually used by construction workers in order to elevate themselves and reach their desired distance from the ground. These are made with materials that, if not properly installed, can cause accidents that can injure and even kill the very same workers using them.

Aside from workers, pedestrians and other people can also be injured once a scaffold collapses. There are some who just happen to pass by when the scaffold collapses and there are those who are using the scaffold when they slip and fall.

Causes of Accidents

There are many causes of accidents that threaten people on or around scaffolds. It would be best to know the causes of these scaffolding accidents so that people will be more observant and know the things that can possibly cause them.

  • Slipping on scaffolds – there are instances when workers fall off the scaffold because of a trip or slip accident caused by an obstruction. Workers must make sure that the surface they are stepping on is clear from any materials that can cause slipping and tripping.

  • Improper use – make sure that the scaffolds will be built and used for the desired purposes only as some of them are not made strong enough to carry great numbers of people and heavy equipments.

  • Defective materials – workers must make sure that they will be using materials that can withstand the pressure and weight that will be applied on them as there are cases when these materials give out causing the collapse of the scaffold.

  • Improper/unskilled installation – though the materials are sturdy enough, workers who will make the scaffold should make sure that the installation is also done in a meticulous way to make sure that it won't also cause the collapse.

  • Jumping off – some workers undermine the height of the scaffold and jump off it instead of climbing down from it. Jumping off scaffolds can cause accidents as there may be people beneath the scaffold and the worker may also injure himself.

Workers must now be more careful in using and constructing scaffolds as they may unwillingly cause accidents or be involved in an accident themselves. Also, pedestrians must avoid getting near a scaffold as there may be debris that can fall on them and hurt them. If there is another route you can take, take it. If there is none, walk faster and try to avoid the scaffold.