This article provides information on kidney diseases, with particular emphasis on preventing kidney diseases.

Preventing kidney diseases is a must, to be able to stay free from many of the kidney disorders that plague humans, and even leading to general poor health.

Functions of the Kidney

The kidney is a pear-shaped organ that functions mainly for the maintenance of blood volume, excretion of waste materials, maintenance of a stable internal environment of the body, and assistance in red blood cells production. The actual production of red blood cells takes place in the bone marrow, but the kidney produces a chemical called erythropoietin, which enables the bone marrow to produce the red blood cells.

Some organisms and foreign particles get into the body and may cause harm to the body. These foreign invaders into the body are unwanted. The kidney assists liver in the detoxification of invaded agents and organisms in the body before eliminating them. The body produces chemicals to immobilize these foreign invaders, and the kidney works a way for their elimination out of the body. The activities of the kidney can cause it to malfunction and become diseased, which then necessitates preventing kidney diseases.

Causes of kidney Diseases

Foreign invaders and organisms into the body include bacteria, viruses, protozoa fungi infection in any part of the body. Known infections against the body, these invaders cause are skin infection, bone infections, heart infections, cold, catarrh, sore throat, diarrhea, hepatitis, malaria, and HIV.

Some other causes of kidney diseases include Use of medicated soaps and creams with mercury content, pollution and environmental pollutants from waste from industries, use of lightening creams and soaps, tinned food contaminants, drug abuse, herbal abuse, use of fake and adulterated drugs, abnormal body responses to drugs, and toxins from plants.

Body breakdown caused by specific diseases like diabetes mellitus, hypertension, urinary tract infection, prostrate enlargement, some complications of pregnancy, cancer, hereditary and genital abnormalities of the body. The list also includes sickle cell diseases, anemia, severe deprivation of water and excessive sweating or dehydration. You then that the need for preventing kidney diseases cannot be over-emphasized.

Signs and symptoms of kidney Diseases

Signs and symptoms of kidney diseases include difficulties in urinating. Victims may pass out much water or too little water, in a painful or too frequent manner. Diagnosis or urinalysis may reveal blood, casts, pus, albumin, and other abnormal things in the urine.

Kidney diseases may show up with non-specific symptoms like body aches, headache, and tiredness. These usually come up during common complaints to a doctor. Another sign of kidney diseases is swelling and puffiness of body tissues, due to accumulation of fluids in them (a condition called edema), backache, and severe pains in the kidneys.

Preventing kidney diseases involves taking care of what you eat and drink, and stopping the use of mercury containing soaps and lightening creams, drug abuse, blood pressure, etc.

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