Most woman who have been pregnant at one time or another, suffer from stretch marks. If you are a pregnant woman, there are ways and methods you can use to prevent stretch marks from occurring. The most common areas with stretch marks include, the belly, buttocks, and thigh area. Here are some simple methods that can help prevent stretch marks:

Since a pregnant mother cannot really exercise because it puts her baby at risk, there are not many options for the prevention of stretch marks. However, the mother can constantly moisturize her skin to help keep it elastic. She should apply lotions or essential oils like jojoba, virgin olive oil, and cocoa butter daily to keep the skin supple and smooth. This will help reduce the risk of stretch marks after pregnancy. Also, applying Vitamin E oil directly (extracted from the capsule gel) will help in strengthening the skin.

Drink more glasses of water daily. Water does not only hydrate the child in the womb, but it helps cleanse the mother's system. Hydration is very important to healthy skin. If you drink plenty of water daily, your skin will have a better chance at preventing stretch marks. Stretch marks have a high chance of appearing in dry skin.

Always prioritize a good diet and try to avoid junk foods. Unhealthy foods will not help your skin so, it's better to stick with better snacks such as fresh healthy fruits and vegetables. Avoid eating chips or fatty foods. Take note that if you give in to your cravings for unhealthy food, you are not only damaging your skin but threatening your child's health.

There are many activities and dietary tricks that you cannot perform during the conception period of your pregnancy. But if you really love yourself and your child you will have followed the simple aforementioned methods. If you are really concerned about beauty, don't wait for your physical assets to deteriorate right before eyes. Take pride in keeping your body fit, glamorous, and stretch mark free.

Just to recap, it's very important to do as much physical exercise as possible to keep your weight in check. It is vital to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and your skin moist. Use moisturizers and oils to keep your skin moist so, it doesn't dry, crack, or bruise. Try to eat a healthy diet so, your skin stays healthy. If you follow these steps, you can hopefully stay stretch mark free.