If you have just recently purchased a motorcycle, you need to purchase an insurance policy to cover emergency expenses and liability to third party. If you are planning to cruise and speed on the streets, it is important that you wear your helmet and protective gear to safeguard your body against accident-related injuries.

If you have just met a motorcycle accident, then you'll probably see that reddish bruises on your arms and legs. The outer skin may have been badly scarred and some tissues are exposed to infection. The surrounding skin area is painful because of impact and abrasion on the street floor. This injury is mostly referred to as road rash. It is reddish, prone to infection, and leaves an ugly mark on your skin.

Road rash is just one of the injuries that you can sustain if you are reckless in driving your new motorcycle. Also, if you are negligent in operating your vehicle and fail to follow traffic laws, you can end up in the surgery room for treatment of your catastrophic injuries.

Other types of injuries as a result of motorcycle accident

1. Head and brain injury

2. Spinal cord injury

3. Broken/ fractured bone

4. Paralysis

5. Laceration and bruises

6. Amputation of arm or leg

Most motorcycle accident happens because of traffic violations such as:

1. Running the red light

2. Overspeeding

3. Driving under the influence

4. Driver error or unskilled driving

5. Fatigue or stress

6. Failure to give signal when making a turn

These traffic violations are also considered as negligent acts. Negligence is a liability that has corresponding penalties under state and federal laws. Negligence is one of the theories of liability. It is a careless act resulting to injury or loss suffered by another person.

In proving negligence, you have to establish the following:

  1. The causation of events leading to the cause of accident

  2. The cause of accident

  3. That the accident is true and it led to your injuries

You will need to present evidence for your allegation such as:

  1. Photos from the accident scene

  2. Copy of police report

  3. Medical records

  4. Pertinent documents

If you are injured in a motorcycle accident, there are many sources of recovery you can use. You may obtain medical coverage through your Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist (UM/UIM) insurance policy or through the insurance policy of the driver who caused your injuries.

You may also file a Personal Injury lawsuit to receive additional compensation for your pain and suffering and loss income.

Consult a Personal Injury lawyer in Los Angeles to learn more on how you can assert your rights.