Using a price guide for Hallmark ornaments, is a great way to see which ones are worth keeping and which ones to sell for some extra money.

The problem with that idea, is that most of these types of ornaments have been given as a gift, or purchased with the intent of keeping for many years and then become hard to part with!

But if you are a collector and love to collect for fun and profit, then the Hallmark line of ornaments is a great place to start.  They don't take over your house, are cute,  and can become quite valuable over time.  Hallmark usually creates a special holiday ornament each year, and many will scramble to get one to add to their collection.

But if you are new to collecting and you have a few back years missing, then searching out those years has got a lot easier with the internet.  Many sites such as Ebay or Amazon will have some of the years you may be missing, and is a great first place to start.

But how do you know what a good price is for these collectible Hallmark ornaments?  You don't want to be paying more than you should, and at the same time you would probably like to know just how much your own collection is worth right?

This is where a price guide for Hallmark ornaments will come in handy.  Many of these guides will cover not only holiday ornaments, but also other special ones that they may put out at different times of the year for different events.

Secondary Market Pricing Guide

Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments: Secondary Market Price Guide & Collector Handbook
Amazon Price: $19.95 $19.00 Buy Now
(price as of Aug 30, 2018)


 If you have any that are from the 80's for example, they have some good value to them.  This book has beautiful detailed photographs of all the Hallmark ornaments, the name of the artist and the original price. 

This is a great price guide to have if you love to search the antique markets, garage sales, estate sales and more.  Sometimes you will find these beautiful little treasures mixed up in boxes of old decorations for sale at thrift stores and more.

If you are armed with a good Hallmark price guide for collectors, then you will know a good deal when you see it. 

These special ornaments are beautiful and are a great way to enter the world of collecting for fun and/or for profit.  There are some serious collector's out there that make good money buying and selling collectibles, including ornaments, especially the Hallmark limited editions.

If you are serious about collecting these little gems either to show off as a collection or to simply decorate your tree each year, then get yourself a good guide book.  If you own a few of these Hallmark ornaments, you may find you have a valuable collection already.  Find out what it is worth today.  You may have some valuable little gems just sitting at home.

This particular guide covers 1973 - 1993, you will find some really cute looking ones and also some valuable ones.  Be armed and ready for your next shopping trip.