Do you have valuable depression glassware packed away in your attic? Here are some easy tips to find the value of those treasures whether you plan to sell them for some extra cash or you're just curious. Depression glass was made during the Depression Era. The years that a piece would be considered depression glass would be from 1920-1940. There are many companies that made these types of glass and it came in many colors. It was not expensive glass during the Depression. In fact, I have heard that it was given out by the piece at the movie theatre for purchasing a ticket or at carnivals.

Begin by unpacking the Depression glassware, so you know what you have. Write down the colors, how many of each, defects, and measurements across. Have an idea of the pattern or patterns. Organize it on paper so that you will have it handy when you need it later. Take a picture of each pattern so you will be able to identify them.

Search online on E-bay to find the name of the pattern which will make it easier to price. Then you can also do a search on the name or just Depression glassware in general. E-bay will give you an idea of what the glass is going for if you can match the pattern. To find out what the Depression glassware sold for go to: Advance Search (put your pattern name in search box) - check off Completed listings
and search. This will show you all listings completed and specifically those which are sold will show what the item or items went for. What an item sells for on E-bay does not really determine the value, but only what someone is willing to pay for it at the moment. Read on to find a more precise way to actually price your valuable depression glass.

To find the true value of the Depression glassware, you will need to find an updated price guide. The library can be a great place to start, although, in lots of libraries, their identification & price guide books are not the most updated. It will give you somewhat of an idea.

For the closest value of your Depression Glassware, visit a large local bookstore. You may be overwhelmed by the mass of books on Depression Glassware. This will give you a better idea of the value of your treasures. If you are planning on selling the glassware, it would be well worth purchasing a book or two.