Why Replace Storm Windows?

Energy efficiency is very important to most families. This has often nothing to do with saving the planet and reducing the effect of global warming. In most cases, it has to do with reducing the cost your heating or electricity. If you don’t have double glazed or insulated glazing windows, you can opt for storm windows which often offer similar features.

Installing replacement storm windows has been shown to create almost as much energy savings and reduced heating cooling costs as replacing the inner windows of your house.  This is even more obvious when replacing storm windows you go with a double glazed pane. 

Saving money upgrading your home to be more efficient  can be easier and more affordable if you are smart about the whole process.  Realizing storm windows will save you money is a great start!

Types of Storm Windows

There are different types of storm windows you can buy. The material and the brand will impact the cost. Price of storm windows vary a lot but you should expect to pay about $60 for something like the Comfort-Bilt Two Track 36" x 39" White Storm Window C2033639. 

The price of storm windows is not excessive but it can start to become an issue if you plan to install them on all the windows in your home. It can be hard to justify the extra cost if you have not been able to measure the benefits.

How much will you save during winter in heating cost if you spend thousands of dollars installing storm windows? The same question needs to be asked during summer with regards to the cost of constantly using your air conditioner. 

If you buy triple laminated polycarbonate or laminated glass storm windows, you will also get the peace of mind that you are investing in solid protection against storms and debris. Some people choose to install permanent or temporary mount storm windows. It can be a good idea to buy a permanent window with sliders that can be open to let in fresh air in order to ventilate your home.

Replacing storm windows for a house

If you take the example cited above as a base and you have to install about 15 of the 36 by 39 inches storm windows, you will need to multiply $60 by 15. That will be spending a minimum of $900 just on the purchase and on top of that you might need to add shipping and installation fee. 

In comparison, the ball park figures for the cost of replacing windows that are the interior non- storm is roughly $200 per opening for PVC windows, going up to $500 or $1000 for premium of argon filled windows and depending on windows size.  That is not including installation and any alteration required to the openings.

The price of storm windows needs to be considered as a long term investment. If you are able to save about $100 per year on utility bills, you might consider the investment worth carrying out.

Researching online is important to save money on the cost of replacing storm windows for your home.  The more replacement windows reviews you can read and compare the better shape you will be in.  Also a great resource available is the tips on saving money when replacing your windows which will also be a great help.