Pricing on eBay - Create Listings that sell

Have a competitive edge on pricing on eBay!

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We all know that selling on eBay is highly competitive. So how do you compete? Any seller on eBay can agree that everything is price sensitive. This pretty much determines if your item will sell or not…just based on the price. Let’s say your selling things you don’t need in your house. You just need extra cash on the side to help pay the bills. How should do go about listing your items – better yet, create listings that sell? If you list items at a high price, your item will not sell and you’ll end up with listing fees that add up in the end.

So how do you know what price to list it at? Well, take a look at all your competitors. See what price they are listing it for and which listings are selling. Just make sure that your shipping cost of the item will not be more than the price of the item. Once you determine the price of all your competing listings, list it for that price or slightly lower. Remember – The eBay market place is very price sensitive.


Here are some more tips:

Auctions: List auction style listings at a low start price. This will stimulate bidding, you will notice that many of these listings will go up in price…sometimes even more than the target price you wanted to sell it at!


Fixed Priced Items: Always be aware of what price your competitors are selling the same or similar items for. Lower or raise prices accordingly to stay on top. If you have more than one of the same items, remember to adjust the quantity of the fixed price item accordingly.


Free Shipping Offer: Remember to offer the shipping cost at a low rate or free. This will help in the “best match” results. It becomes optimized in the eBay search results. After the customer receives the item, he/she will have a chance to rate you as a seller called detailed seller ratings (DSR). In the detailed seller ratings, there is a section where the buy can rate you on shipping charges. This will affect you as a seller if the buyer gives you a low rating.


Make your listings stand out: for the main picture you decide to put up, add an eye-catching icon. You can also add any key features on the icons, such as “free shipping” or “made in USA”. Adding messages in the picture will help include a feature of the listing without having to include it in the subtitle. Also, adding a border around the picture will stand out.