Pride Go Go Elite Traveler ScooterCredit: Jesse Barger


 This article is a review of the Pride go go elite traveler micro scooter.  First let me start by saying that I am a medical equipment technician with 17 years of experience in the home medical equipment industry.  I have worked on, driven, and sold hundreds of scooters including but not limited to the go go.  I am also a certified field technician for Pride Mobility Products which is the manufacturer of this machine and am the owner of a mobile service, sales, and consulting company that deals with mobility products and other home medical equipment. 

The elite traveler is designed as a portable mobility scooter that is intended to be easily disassembled without tools and transported in just about any type of vehicle without the need for ramps or lifts.  It is not intended as a replacement for larger devices that can be used in different terrains over long distances.  It is simply built for individuals who require mobility assistance and do not have the ability to transport a larger device with their vehicles. 

The elite traveler comes in 3 or 4 wheel versions with 2 standard 12volt 12 amp batteries sealed in a battery pack for easier handling.  There is an option for 12 volt 18 amp batteries as well.  The device disassembles quite easily into 5 pieces with the heaviest of these being 28 lbs on the 3-wheel model and 32.5 lbs on the 4-wheeler.  The standard model is rated to carry riders up to 275 lbs. The device has a top speed of 4.25 mph and an optimal range of up to 8 miles.   Other features include flat free non scuffing tires, adjustable tiller, front basket, and adjustable seat height.  The device additionally comes with 3 different color panels which are snap on and off allowing you to make you scooter blue, gray, or red depending on your mood that day.  Current internet pricing on the device runs from approximately $899.00 to $999.00 for the 3-wheel version and $1099.00 to $1199.00 for the 4 wheeler. 


Overall, the elite traveler stacks up well against other scooters in the micro class.  This is the device that my company is planning on using as the basis for it's short term rental program in the future.  In my experience it's performance is equal to or exceeds that of other micro scooters in speed, range, and turning radius.  In my opinion it is the most durable of the scooters in it's class without some of the inherent problems related to these smaller devices such as tiller electronic problems, frame durability, and throttle issues. I think it is also the easiest scooter to assemble and disassemble.  It is slightly more expensive across the board than many of the other micro scooters but this can be justified as it seems to hold up and perform better than most.  The 3 wheeler comes with anti tip wheels in the rear which is a nice feature as 3-wheel scooters can be inherently unstable.  Another nice feature is that the batteries can be charged while the machine is assembled or with the pack removed.  This is an advantage as a second battery pack can be purchased and the packs switched out for greater range while on outings. 

Based on all the reasons stated and my personal experiences as a technician working on this machine.  If I had to recommend a scooter in this class to a family member, the elite traveler  would be at the top of the list. 

Pride Go Go Elite Traveler Scooter
Credit: Jesse Barger


Go Go Elite Traveller Long Range LR 3 Wheel Scooter
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