“Pride and Prejudice” is a world famous romantic novel by Jane Austin. The book itself can be quite lengthy and therefore many individuals are interested in reading a “Pride and Prejudice” summary before deciding wether or not to commit to reading the entire text.  

The setting of the novel begins in Longbourn, England, a country town approximately 30 miles from London, in the 1800s. It opens with the Bennet family, a middle class farming family, with five unmarried daughters and no male heir. Mrs. Bennet, the mother of the family, wants to see her daughters marry wealthy men.

One day two wealthy men come to the small town and host a ball. The two men are the socialite Mr. Bingley, and the rude and proud Mr. Darcy.  The oldest sister, Jane, develops a romantic relationship with Mr. Bingley, at the same time Mr. Darcy develops a romantic interest in the intellectual, second oldest daughter, Elizabeth. Elizabeth has no interest in Mr. Darcy, because he insulted her upon first meeting her.

Jane then goes to the town of Netherfield with Mr. Bingley, but soon falls ill. She requests that Elizabeth stay with her while she is not feeling well. When Elizabeth excepts the offer, she is able to care for her sister in the luxurious home of Mr. Bingley. Elizabeth unwillingly meets with Mr. Darcy several times as he visits the home. He continues to become more and more interested in Elizabeth, because of her sharp wit and fierce intellect. Elizabeth, however, continues to think that he is rude and pompous. She instead falls in love with a man name Mr Wickham. Wickham lies to Elizabeth by telling her that Mr. Darcy cheated him out of a great deal of money. She soon realizes that Wickham is a con-artist and leaves him. 

Mr. Wickham then quickly seduces and marries one of the other sisters. Wickham is only interested in marrying one of the sisters because, as the first male in the family, he would be entitled to the family’s farm. Secretly, Mr. Darcy pays Mr. Wickham a great deal of money to forgo this right to the family’s land. When Elizabeth discovers that Mr. Darcy unselfishly saved her family’s land, she begins to see him in a different light. 

Mr. Darcy proposes to Elizabeth and Mr. Bingley proposes to Jane, despite the fact that both of the men’s families are strongly against the idea, because Elizabeth and Jane are not wealthy. Both girls except the proposals and are married on the same day.  

A summary of “Pride and Prejudice” can never fully do justice to the dramatic and intricate details that fill the pages of this literary classic, but hopefully, a “Pride and Prejudice” summary will spark further interest in reading the already widely read and highly regarded novel.