Prilosec OTC is the trusted name when it comes to the relief of heartburn, indigestion, dyspepsia, peptic ulcer disease, Zollinger-Ellison Syndrome and many more. It is a proton pump inhibitor that reduces or prohibits gastric acid secretion protecting individuals from heartburns and so much more.

One Prilosec OTC can prevent an occurrence of heartburn for 24 hours as it is an effective medication against heartburn. It is an approved short-term treatment of heartburn especially those that are occurring for 2X or more per week. It works by preventing the gastric cells from the release of hydrochloric acid, which is necessary to metabolize food but is also the culprit behind heartburns especially when produced in excessive amounts. When the production of hydrochloric acid is controlled, this would result in lesser gastric activity which in turn could greatly relieve heartburns and indigestion. Prilosec can be somewhat expensive, but you can save money by using Prilosec coupons. The coupons are usually for a few dollars and can be redeemed at most stores. Another common heartburn medicine is Prevacid. Prevacid uses Lansoprasole which is also a proton-pump inhibitor but has been said to be safer if you take other medications.

Prilosec OTC is also made more effective with the new 14 days challenge of the medication. A daily dose of the medication for 14 days would greatly relieve the symptoms of heartburn. This 14 day regimen could be repeated up to three times a year. However, it is already not advisable to take the medication for more than 14 days or for more than the three times a year 14-day indication. A consultation to one's physician would already be advised as there may already be an underlying problem for more frequent occurrences of heartburns. Still, Prilosec OTC is a safe and effective treatment against heartburn even without the doctor's prescription.

Omeprazole OTC

Let's face it, No one likes to take medicines. For our sake, we take it. Some people do not like doctors visits either but we need to go so they can prescribe proper medications for us. Common medications usually do not need doctors' prescription. Like omeprazole OTC (over-the-counter), we can treat hyperacidity faster just by going directly to the pharmacy.

What is omeprazole for? Omeprazole is a medication used to treat overproduction of acids in our stomach. We commonly associate growling of the stomach with hunger but if you have had a meal and the growling persists, you probably have increased acid in your stomach. This acid may enter into your esophagus which will cause that burning feeling. You can buy omeprazole OTC to treat this.

Keep in mind that it does not treat heartburn or hyperacidity immediately. It usually takes 3-6 hours. Its effect takes place in the small intestines. You also have to swallow the pill as it is. Do not chew, do not break, or crush the tablet.

If used for medication of severe hyperacidity caused by peptic ulcer disease, gastro-esophageal reflux, or other digestive tract disease, you have to get a prescription. If you have a severe case and need a prescription then a doctor will indicate the dosage of the medicine, how many times should you take it and how long will you take it, to be effective.

Also, when you take omeprazole OTC, read the guidelines. Often, if treating active digestive disease you should only take one pill a day for fourteen days.