To achieve a very high-caliber quality of life, a person cannot concentrate on only one aspect of their health.  Instead, the person must work a lot to improve in all the different aspects of their health in order to become trully "healthy".  These different variegated aspects of health that are extremely important to overall well-being are the following: physical health, mental and emotiional health, and social health.

Physical Health: Do you have enough energy to go to school every day with a smile on your face, enjoy your spare time with friends at the mall or playing miniature golf, and take care of your responsibilities dutifully and without being tired at home?  If that is true, then your physical health is probably very good to outstanding.  Phsical health is talking about how well your body functions on a normal day.  When you are physically healthy, you are able to carry out all the menial everyday tasks or chores without becoming tired in the process of completing your chores.  A healthy, well-balanced diet, regular exercise, extra or adequate sleep, and proper medical and dental care are all very important for keeping up with your physical health.

Mental and Emotional Health:  Being comfortable with yourself, with and around others, and within your surroundings and environment is called your mental health.   When you are mentally healthy, your mind is constantly alert, you can learn quickly and efficiently from your mistakes, and you are able to recognize your own achievements, whether it be big or small, and at the same time be proud of them.  Emotional health is referring to how you react to both common and significant events in your daily life.  You are emotionally healthy when the feelings you usually experience are the appropriate responses to the events that are triggering them, not the other way around.  To maintain your emotional health, you need to take the time to relax daily, and you need to share your own inner feelings with others often to relieve stress that is building up inside.

Social Health:  Being able to make and keep friends is one of the main essential signs of social health.  Social health is talking about how well you get along with other people in your evironment.  When you are socially healthy, you tend to have loving relationships with others, you always respect the rights of others, and you both give and accept help to and from others.   Building healthy relationships with your family and friends is very important and probably essential for your own social health.  But good social health doesn't just happen immediately  and comes out of nowhere without any effort put in on your part.  You have to work at it by getting involved with others at school and in your community on a consistent and regular basis, and perhaps most importantly, by building strong relationships with the members in your family, because they are the ones who will always be there for you forever.