Finding Primewell tires reviews and ratings online can be a bit tricky as they are often spread out across different websites with reviews for different models being hard to compare. This can make it very difficult to make an informed decision about which is the best set of tires for you. As such, this article features reviews for multiple models of tire sets in addition to a guide to buying Primewell tires.

Are Primewell Tires Good?

Primewell tires are primarily an entry-level brand and, as such, you do not get the same quality that you get with some of the more expensive brands. These brands are manufactured by GITI in China and are aimed at being durable, safe and affordable. They do not offer high performance and you might be better off looking to one of the other brands listed at the end of this article if that is what you are looking for.

Snow and Ice Rating

Most of Primewell's tires are rated only for sunny or rainy conditions and they are not suited to snow and ice. Chains can help you overcome occasional snow, but if you find yourself driving in these conditions frequently then you should consider some specialized snow tires for improved road safety and handling.

A Guide to Buyers for Choosing the Right Models

The Valera HT range is very affordable and offers a decent level of economy. They treadwear a bit more quickly than high-grade, hard compound sets but not as fast as high traction, soft compound sets. As such, they make a great middle ground choice for someone looking for a set that offers enough traction without wearing out too quickly. The Valera range is also decently suited to mud and light off-road driving conditions, so they make for a good all-purpose choice.
The PS830, PS840 and PS850 range of tires is Primewell's touring or passenger car offering in the market. They are said to have great traction in all seasons, but as mentioned earlier you should be wary of using them in winter if there is a lot of snow and ice. They are rated well for speeds up to 112 mph and lean towards the durability end of the spectrum. This particular range features extended shoulder grooves for improved cornering stability and circumferential center ribs for increased traction under straight line acceleration and stopping. Overall, they are an affordable entry-level option for almost any car.

The PZ900 series is the 'Max Performance' or sports performance series and is designed with specialized tread and rubber compounds. The improvements to these tires takes their speed rating all the way up to 149 mph plus, which is suitable for any legal driving speed limits. The V-shaped tread pattern with wide center grooves eliminates water quickly for increased performance in the wet without sacrificing too much grip in dry conditions. This design also incorporates a reinforced sidewall to protect your wheels from damage over speed bumps or road hazards. If you are driving a sports car or any other high-performance vehicle with a lot of acceleration power then this should be your choice.

The PA100 series is actually specifically designed for the needs of light trucks and large 4WD. They are rated for any season and feature a differently shaped tread sections designed to give traction on road and off. They are rated up to a max speed of 118 mph, which is quite common for light trucks and should suit most people's needs. These and most of Primewell's other tires come with a 40,000 mile warranty on manufacturing.

Best Places to Buy Primewell Brand Tires

Most major retailers sell various ranges from Primewell but you can make things easier for yourself by using their store locator on their website. Simply enter in your zip code and how far you are willing to travel and the locator will return all of the store locations within that distance. In addition to this, you can also buy some ranges online through various online retailers and through websites like eBay.

A Guide to Other Brands of Tire Sets

If Primewell does not have the type of tire or cost vs. quality approach that you need then the following is a list of alternative brands you can consider.

Firestone is another entry-level brand that offers cheap build quality in order to keep costs down. As such, their performance can vary from being quite poor to acceptable depending on the specific set. Firestone is available at almost all retailers as a budget option so they are a good choice if you need a really cheap set quickly.

Dunlop is an extremely well-known brand, and for good reason because they make some of the best sets on the market. Dunlop also has a pretty good range of variety in their options too, so you can get something for cheap that lasts a long time or you can get high performance auto parts instead. Dunlop are available almost everywhere.

Goodyear sits between the gap between Firestone and Dunlop offering good tires for the average person who just wants affordable reliability for their car. Goodyear is usually available from Goodyear branded tire service centers.

Michelin are very similar to Goodyear in both quality and availability. You can find Michelin at normal retailers in addition to at Michelin service centers.

Continental is another entry-level brand like Firestone that offers affordable sets for people on a budget.

Copper tires primarily make affordable options but they have been doing so for a very long time, almost 100 years in fact. This alone should be a testament to their designs being solid.

Bridgestone is another big player in the market offering everything from touring sets to racing tires for professional motor sports teams.

Hankook is available in 185 countries around the world and has a very good range of tires for almost any level. They don't typically work in amateur racing, however.

Pirelli make a good variety of tire types but they primarily specialize in designs for high performance European imports. They can be a bit pricey but if your car is pricey itself then you should be looking after it.

Yokohama offers a blend of Bridgestone's performance with Firestone's affordability. Another great middle-ground brand for people who on a budget and who don't want to sacrifice quality.

Nitto sells some on-road tires but their primary focus is in recreational vehicles, even making sets optimized for dune buggies.

Ater reading this article, Primewell tires reviews and ratings, you should have a good idea of primewell tires and their relative strength and weakness in the market. If you have any further questions or if you want to share your own thoughts on Primewell tires then please do so in the comments below.