Accessories in a bathroom can make such a huge difference, by adding primitive shower curtains you will be going for that rustic look.

If you like the simple lines of folk art, country and rustic and simplistic styles with bolder deeper colors, then a “primitive look” would work quite well in the bathroom.

With many of the unique shower curtains going more the way of modern lines and abstract designs, it can sometimes be hard to find artistic looking ones that will work in your bathroom.

These curtains are patterned with folk art in mind.  These really work well in that style of bathroom, or especially well at the cottage or cabin in the woods.   

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The above product has a Native American flair that when paired up with accessories can really add warmth to the space.  Even if your bathroom is pure white from top to bottom you can add your personality and warmth.

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Stratton Shower Curtain 72x72"
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Many people don’t realize the impact a shower curtain has on the décor of the bathroom.  It can make or break a room, and the best part, is it is an affordable way to upgrade or decorate a bathroom to look totally different.

You don’t have to spend thousands to change the look of your bathroom.  You can start with a good cleaning and coat of paint and don’t forget the ceiling.  A fresh coat of paint on the ceiling makes the room seem new and fresh. 

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Simplify Primitive Country Home Fabric Shower Curtain
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(price as of Dec 23, 2016)

Country Style Shower Curtain

This one is definitely country styling.  The colors are warm and with the right paint and accessories will look awesome.  It can be easy to transform a sterile bathroom into something warm and inviting.

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I love the western boot on this one.  Keep it drawn, don't hide it, and it will totally add to the space and be the first thing you see.  Personalizing a bathroom doesn't have to cost a fortune.

Once you have painted the walls and ceiling, you can use decorative baskets to contain any makeup and clutter on the vanity, and you can even paint the vanity doors if you use a good high adhesion primer first. 

If you can afford it, you can upgrade your fixtures.  New fixtures can make a huge difference maybe even treat yourself to one of those rain style shower heads that are popular now.  Then get yourself some new linens.

Find a good deal on towels and get them all the same colour.  Then get floor mats and accessories in the same color.  You could purchase your curtain first, and then pick up on a colour from them for the paint and the towels.

Shower curtains are a great way to freshen up a bathroom, and what a difference they make too!

If you love the idea of upgrading your bathroom, but the budget is limiting, or your bank account says no,  then at least save up for fresh paint, new shower curtains and towels.  Replace those three items, and your bathroom will seem brand new without all the plumbing expense or major renovation.

This is especially true if you are renting the space.  Ask for permission to paint, and then add your accessories, you can now have a personalized bathroom, and if you like the primitive shower curtain look, then purchase that first, and go from there.  Make it your own space.

You can also get hookless shower curtains that work well.  There are so many types to choose from now.  You could go store to store looking, but you can find a huge variety online at such sites as Amazon.

You can shop until you find the style or patterns you like, and if you just happen to like the primitive shower curtains, then there are lots to choose from, and then make your bathroom your own.