Prince William and Catherine Middleton (33507)

Prince William and his beloved Catherine Middleton

The announcement of Prince William' engagement to his long term girlfriend Catherine "Kate" Middleton has been welcomed with joyful bliss by her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth. The whole world particularly the romantics at heart cannot help but be thankful that at last, the much awaited marriage of the third in throne future king of England is about to happen. Surely, anyone who is curious about a royalty marriage will mark 29 April 2011 in their calendars.

With the announcement however came the unwanted and unsolicited scrutiny of many - from how the couple presented themselves during their interview to what Catherine was wearing, the tie Prince William had for this occasion and the controversial choice of engagement ring that Catherine has on her left ring finger which Prince William admitted has been secretly kept in his rucksack for the last three weeks before the night he popped the question in a well thought romantic setting in Rutundu Log Cabin in Mount Kenya.

The moment the superstitious believers laid eyes on the engagement ring - an 18 carat blue Sapphire encrusted with diamonds, a sigh of disbelief reverberated around the world! And the question of "how could Prince William or even the Buckingham Palace" could not have thought of this sensibly echoed many times from the cynics of modern times. For this group, while they appreciate the thoughtfulness of Prince William remembering his late mother at this special time, they also think the Prince has attracted the "bad omen" to his future life with Catherine Middleton. Could they be right or wrong?

Personally, I don't have a problem with Prince William giving the woman of his life a part of what belonged to the woman he adored from birth, his late mother Princess Diana. The Prince had said that the ring is very special to him. In his words, he uttered "It was my way to make sure my mother did not miss out on today and the excitement that we are going to spend the rest of our lives together."

If one pays particular attention to what Prince William said and did in giving the engagement ring of his late mother Princess Diana to his fiancee, it is evident that the engagement ring signified a far more important connection to Prince William's existence. For while it is true that part of the engagement ring is a remembrance of how unhappy and unfulfilled Princess Diana was with her marriage to Prince Charles, it is only the very symbolic ring that has brought about his and Prince Harry' lives in this world. In Prince William's eyes, the engagement ring is the core of his life. By giving it to the woman he loves aside from his late mother states the obvious gratefulness he has that through this engagement ring, he was luckily born! The engagement ring begun on a happy note; the marriage was consumed and while the end part is tragic and bitter, to use this as a valid rationale why Prince William should have not given the engagement ring to Catherine Middleton is outright unfair and unjust.

For one thing, the future King of England does not live in the past; neither is he one of those who lives a very superstitious life. And good on him for deciding on what matters most to him rather than dwell on what the public perception of him would be.

And yes, you can count on me to be watching the 2011 Royal Wedding of the Year and I promise I will not critizise.