You spend working the entire day so that you can provide happiness to your family. Now that your daughter's birthday is coming up... are you planning a princess party birthday theme for the big day?

There is no doubt about the fact that nobody thrills parents more than their kids… especially if she is a cute little princess of a daughter. Now that the special day is round the corner, have you made any plans for the same?

Throughout the year you have been making special plans and have discussed how to best celebrate the birthday party of your little daughter.

It has to be something special because she is the light of your life. Both you and your wife have spent lots of time discussing this over and have finally decided that the best option would be to hold a princess party for a princess like her.

There are different types of dresses available in the market which are specially targeted towards birthday parties, but according to you two, nothing else than a dress suitable for a princess will do.

As an easy princess birthday party theme idea, you can easily recreate the surroundings of a castle within your house and inform the guests to attend the birthday party dressed appropriately.

They can come dressed as knights and villains. The humorous kid across the block can come as the official court jester and entertain the entire party with his humorous antics. Then there is the guy she loves a lot. He can come dressed as the prince.

After all he is the prince of your daughter. If you have the will, you can easily find out a way to celebrate a memorable princess party for your daughter. The decorations are no big deal too.

You can easily use aluminum foil to cover the chairs so that they resemble silver thrones. Similarly, you can warp some walking sticks with glittery tinsels and make them look like royal staffs.

The last but the most important part is selecting a suitable dress for your charming daughter. She should be dressed so that she resembles a princess.

Just try this out and you will be amazed at how the participants of the princess birthday party love the gathering for years to come.

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