Every girl wants to feel like a princess, and a princess cut ring gives her a token of your royal esteem for her that she can wear for the rest of her life.  The most popular style of stone for an engagement ring is also one of the newest and is based off of the also popular round cut.  With cornered edges that give it a square appearance and a delicate inverted pyramid base, shows off the brilliance of the diamond’s shine and the brilliance of love.  This cut shines in any setting and goes nicely with other diamonds or gemstones. 

Princess Cut Cubic Zirconia CZ Wedding and Engagement Ring Set in Sterling SilverThe princess cut is a subtle yet eye catching design that might catch your eye when you are looking for the perfect engagement ring.  Whether you are shopping secretly and individually to surprise your love with the perfect ring, or whether you are shopping together as a couple, the princess cut is sure to come up as an option.  This cut was developed in the early 1960s and quickly rose in popularity because of its many qualities. 

This cut is usually less expensive than a round cut diamond, depending on the carat, clarity, and color of course, making it a good option for couples that might prefer a larger size for a lower cost.  Of course, if you want to go big, a larger carat princess cut engagement ring, such as 2 carat, is always an option. Whatever size and settings you choose, if you decide to go with a princess cut engagement ring, the design options are nearly endless. 

Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring and Wedding Band Set 1 Carat (ctw) in 10K White GoldOne of the most popular places to purchase your princess cut engagement ring is Tiffany.  Tiffany engagement rings are known worldwide for their quality stones, stunning settings, and luminous bands.  The Tiffany setting is one of the most recognizable and their hallmark is one of the most respected in the industry.  They are on the pricier end of the spectrum though so if you love their rings but find them outside your means, don’t despair.  There are plenty of jewelry stores both online and in person that offer gorgeous princess cut engagement rings at reasonable prices. 

Ladies 14K White Gold 2ct Princess Baguette Round Cut Diamond Engagement Wedding Bridal Band RingOne benefit of searching for your perfect princess cut engagement ring online is the abundance of places where you can design your own.  Among those is the popular, reputable, and classic Jared jewelry store.  You can also check out Blue Nile’s website which has an interactive design your own engagement ring tool in addition to a wide selection of rings, including princess cut engagement rings. 

This is also a good tool for preparing to visit a store if you are a novice at picking out jewelry.  If you don’t end up suddenly realizing you’ve crafted the ring yourself, playing around with the different configurations of diamonds, settings, band metals, and carat sizes will give you the vocabulary to explain to a vendor what you are looking for and a sense of how much it might cost.  Being prepared before you walk into the store is the best way to make sure you walk out with the ring that you really want.  This is a big purchase, both financially and emotionally, so take your time when you are shopping and try not to let yourself feel rushed.   

Princess Cut Cubic Zirconia CZ Wedding and Engagement Ring Set in Sterling SilverBecause the princess cut is relatively new, be wary of any antique princess cut rings you may see.  While it is of course possible that a new diamond has been placed in an old setting, it’s worthwhile to guarantee that this is the case.  If the vendor assures you that a 150 year old ring was originally made with a princess cut diamond, you can guess that something fishy is going on.  Meanwhile, there are many princess cut vintage style engagement rings that beautifully bring together old world finery with this modern cut. 

The principle determining factors of a diamond’s value are the four C’s.  They are color, clarity, carat, and cut.  While we’ve been discussing the ins and outs of the princess cut diamond itself, we haven’t yet talked about important things to look for when choosing the actual diamond for your ring.  When it comes to the princess cut, there is one factor that isn’t necessarily a concern in other cuts that you have to consider.  Because of the squared edges of the princess cut, you have to be aware of the color of your diamond more than with other cuts. 

2.42 CT TW Pave Set Diamond Encrusted Princess Cut Engagement Ring Bridal Set in 14k White GoldDiamond color is graded on a letter scale and a J color diamond is on the yellow end of the spectrum and is on the lower end of the cost spectrum too.  The sharp edges of a princess cut allow any color to shine through much more visibly than with, for example, a cushion cut or round cut diamond.   If you decide to get a J color diamond, then a princess cut may not be the best choice.  Note that this problem can be offset by setting your stone in a yellow gold band which will make the color less noticeable.  If you decide that the cut is the priority, then be prepared to spend more on a different color grade.

1.30 Ct 3 Stone Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring 14K Pave Set VS2The second point is much simpler and is completely dependent on personal preference.  The princess cut is done in either more rectangular shapes, like Ali Larter’s showstopper 5 carat princess cut engagement ring, or in an even square.  Both choices are lovely but it’s worth finding out if your soon-to-be-betrothed has a preference.  

It’s impossible to know without speaking to your significant other, or at least her family or friends, what kind of cut she may have in mind for an engagement ring.  If you are not sure or you don’t want to ruin the surprise, then a subtle way to find out if the princess cut might be a good option is simply to find out how she feels about square diamond rings.  Because the majority of the other diamond cuts are rounder than the princess cut, her reaction to the idea of a square diamond should give you a pretty good sense of whether a princess cut engagement ring would be a good fit.