Mens Cotton Boxers

Pringle boxer shorts, are one of the leading brands of men’s undergarments. They are sold in a variety of styles and colors to meet customer needs. The term boxer shorts has been in use since the mid 1940s; it refers to the all round elastic shorts that men wear as underwear. The shorts were initially used only by boxers who need free leg movement while boxing. Pringle boxer shorts allow for a wider range of selection in fabric type and print design. They are popular for their variety of styles and designs and the comfortable fit they provide the user.

As far back as 1925, Jacob Golomb designed elastic waist trunks for boxers to wear, replacing the leather belted trunks they were using. Boxer shorts became all the rage but were later eclipsed by the highly popular Jockey-style briefs around the late 1930s. Toward the end of the 1940s, boxer shorts started regaining lost popularity and are still very much in vogue today in two styles, boxer shorts and boxer briefs. Sales of boxer shorts are strongly influenced by regional and generational preferences.  Some people actually have an aversion to briefs and strongly prefer boxers. Today, as more and more people do their shopping online, a large number people buy boxer shorts online.

Boxer shorts come in different styles to accommodate the user’s personal preferences. Boxer shorts with the fly in front have metal snaps or buttons to close the opening. Another type is the open fly design that does not need a fastening mechanism. The fabric is cut and designed to sufficiently overlap, providing full coverage for the opening.
There are two less common styles of boxer shorts, the gripper boxers and the yoke front boxers. The gripper boxers feature the regular elastic waistband with snaps on the fly and the waistband so that the shorts open up completely. The yoke front is similar to gripper boxers and opens up completely. Both designs typically feature three snaps to close the shorts and there is no closure mechanism for the fly itself. The yoke front boxers are of two types; one with short pieces of elastic on either side of the waistband to fit snugly at the waist, and one with cloth tapes to tighten and tie the waist. This style was more common during World War II and came into being because the rubber for elastic was needed for military purposes.

Styles of Pringle boxer shorts:

•    Mens 2 Button Fly Cotton Fitted Boxer Shorts

Pringle boxer shorts of the two button variety are made with 95 percent cotton moisture wicking fabric. They provide comfort and are highly durable. The fit is neat and athletic looking with great shape retention. The two button flap is both practical and convenient for the wearer. The shorts have an elastic waistband and medium size leg trunk.

•    Mens Fitted Boxer Shorts

Pringle hipster trunks are made with 95 percent cotton, close fit knitted fabric and 5 percent lycra. These Pringle boxers have a no fly pouch front with seams to provide the shape and support. The hipster trunk boxer shorts are very comfortable and durable.

•    12 Pack of Plaid Boxer Shorts on Amazon

One of the best deals on boxer shorts out there, Amazon is offering this 12 pack of plaid boxer shorts for under $25.  That's only about $2 for a pair of good boxer shorts.  It even comes with free shipping available.  Check out boxer shorts on Amazon.

•    Mens Pringle 3 Button Knitted 100% Cotton Fitted Boxer Shorts

Pringle three button boxer shorts are made of 100 percent cotton with an excellent fit and great support. The three button flap opening is convenient and practical and the shorts have white embroidery on the waistband.

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