Printer error

Since Lexmark stop manufacturing inkjet printers and ink cartridges, some of their consumers although not totally, maybe just partly shift to a different brand of inkjet manufacturer. This is mainly to start shopping around gradually until Lexmark officially end the company’s production of ink supplies and consumables. Lucky for you, if you still have an inkjet printer under this brand, working just fine and that you can still find replacements.

For now, those who are loyally patronizing Lexmark product equipments and supplies, they’re bound to choose from an array of laserjet printers which are supposedly way better than their previous released considering that the company is now focusing solely in laser printing technology. However, there are errors and technical problems that you might experience when using laserjets. The common and probably the most familiar issue that a user may encounter is the Cartridge Error.

Every manufacturer in the print industry is dealing with different cartridge errors and problems that their customers complained. Now with regards to Lexmark’s generosity, they also managed to provide a quick solution for their customers who are having troublesome with Lexmark toner cartridges, specifically toner cartridge errors. As a guide, you may follow the instructions provided below to fix such problem with your laser printer.

If it’s your first time to encounter cartridge error with your printer, consider this method as your first aid remedy:

  • Turn ON the unit that has the problem and remove the cartridges.
  • Close the front cover and turn the unit OFF, disconnect from the outlet.
  • After a minute or so, reconnect the printer from the outlet and press the ON button.
  • Now re-install the cartridges back to their proper slots and allow the machine to read it.

This method is just like replacing a worn out cartridge with a new one, hence it could be easy for you to do it. Let the unit initialize and see if the error is corrected. If the problem continues to exist here’s another workaround:

If you’re using a monochrome printer, just remove the currently installed cartridge and replace it with a new one. Check if the error reappears, which certainly it will not. Faulty toner cartridges often result to such issues with laserjets.

While to those who are using a color laser printer, trial and error is a requirement task. Remove one toner at a time to detect which one is causing the error. Prepare replacement toners for each color cartridge. Repeat the process until you have replaced the toner from which the error disappears.