If you want to get a book published, you should use technology to your full advantage. For example, you should look into Print On Demand publishing options. Before you use POD, though, you should understand how it works and potential Print On Demand Problems.To begin with, you should understand old self publication methods. Before technology took over, self published authors generally had to scrape together money on their own to have a printing company print copies of their books. Then, those authors had to hope that they could sell each copy at a small profit.Thanks to POD, none of that is an issue anymore. Now, when books are ordered online by customers, the order is recorded and, within a day or two, the copy of the book is printed and shipped. There's no longer a need for anyone to pay up front costs or for paper and other materials to be wasted on books that just sit around with nobody to read them.The Ugly Side Of POD:It might sound like POD has solved all of the problems of self publishing, but it hasn't. In fact, many people are complaining, these days, that POD is destroying the self publishing industry.Why are people saying that? Well, it's because publishing a book or document is so easy now that anyone can do it. That leads to problems, since many books and documents aren't formatted properly and a lot of them don't contain accurate information either.The Great Side Of POD:The great side of POD is the same as the bad side. Everyone can now be an author. So, if you have the expertise, but not the up front money to invest, the world of publishing is now open to you. However, if you want to be successful at it, you need to make sure that your work stands out in a good way.The first step to a successful POD publication is to make sure that you have your facts straight and your formatting in order. Check with your publishing company to make sure that, when they do your Book Printing , it will look professional.You'll also need to make sure that your work is free of spelling errors and grammar problems. After all, they are very distracting when people are trying to read. The less errors you have, the easier and more pleasant the reading experience will be for those that buy the book.Finally, if you really want to make a go of POD, you need to be able to sell your book. The publishing company can post a sales page for it, but you need to get visitors to go to that page and take an interest in buying your book. So, you may need to hire affiliates or find places to post the sales link, such as on Facebook, Twitter or other social networking websites.