You can save a substantial amount of money on batteries by taking advantage of the coupons battery companies release. Savings of 10% - 50% or more are available right now! With how expensive batteries are getting who can afford not to use them? Today's online availability of printable coupons has made saving on batteries and countless other products extremely easy. Such coupons are 100% free and typically carry long expiration dates.   The money you save can quickly add up to over hundreds of dollars over the long run. If you don't know where to start, I urge you to refer to the following information below.

Battery Company Websites

I will start off with one of the best and most direct ways to find printable battery coupons: Log on to the head website of a popular battery company such as Energizer or Duracell. Look for the tab titled promotions and give it a click. From here you can view all available online coupons offered by the battery company. Once found all that is left to do is follow the directions to print it and redeem it.  It is also notable that you should join the particular battery company's e-mailing  list. This will result in the company periodically sending you coupons and other promotional offers.

Online Coupon Providers

Another great way to find printable battery coupons is by using online coupon websites. Almost all of these sites are offered 100% free and provide you with a seemingly endless amount of coupons for products such as batteries.  In fact it is not uncommon to find several coupons for big name battery brands on these sites.  They are extrememly easy to use and can be found in an adundance through  a quick Google search. Once you have settled on a coupon, print it up, and redeem at your local retailer.  Consider using 3 or 4 of these sites to ensure you get as many battery coupons as possible.

Social Networking Websites

Here is a way to find battery coupons that you may not have thought  of. I am refering to the use of social networking sites such as Twitter.  Many big name battery brands use social networkings sites to promote their products and keep there customers posted with updates.  To take advantage of this, go on Twitter and follow as many big name battery brands as you can think of. If coupons become available the company will update their twitter feed at which point you  can print it up.

Request Battery Coupons

Here is a battery finding method that I am particulay fond of.  It is simple and straight forward. Find the e-mail address of the battery brand of your choice and send them an e-mail telling them that you would appreciate a few coupons for their product.  This method is also useful via snail mail. Just find the battery company's address and compose a letter that details your coupon request. 

Online Auctions

Many people over look the following battery coupon finding technique. I am refering to using online auction websites. Sites like are full of sellers eager to sell battery coupons for mere pennies. 

Battery Packaging

Look on packages of batteries in a store. Many battery companies attach valuable coupons right on the sides of the packaging. These coupons can be redeemed at the store check out for instant savings.

Coupon Forums

Go online and look up a few free coupon forums. Such forums allow people like you to converse with thousands of coupon hunters. Once you are logged on to a coupon forum, write a post asking if anyone knows where you can find battery coupons.

Coupon Clubs

Coupon clubs are useful for trading and sharing coupon sources with other people. Some of them are free but others may charge a small fee. Once you join, ask around to see if anyone has any battery coupons available to trade.

In-Store Coupons

Go to your nearest grocery store or retailer of batteries and look for battery coupons. Typically such coupons can be found in the store's ads or at the check-out station. Consider asking the manager if he/she has any battery coupons available. If any such coupons are available the manager will be more than happy to give them to you.


Here is another great way to find paper coupons. Open up your newspaper and browse through it until you find the section with all the ad inserts and look for battery coupons. The two best days of the week to find coupons in your newspaper are Sunday and Wednesday. Happy hunting!

Other Ways To Save On Batteries


  • Keep an eye out in retail clearance sections for coupons
  • Invest in a battery charger to cut down on your need for new batteries
  • Always be on the look out for new battery coupons
  • Purchase generic brand batteries
  • Do your best not to drain the batteries