Printable Cereal Coupons

Printable cereal coupons are a great way to enjoy your favorite breakfast food at a discount. As each year progresses, staples such as cereal, milk, and other basic foods have increased in price due to inflation and other market reasons. Because of this general price increase trend, printable cereal coupons have exploded in popularity. It almost doesn't make sense to head to the grocery store without them, if you plan on purchasing this delicious breakfast food item.

What Types of Cereal Can I Buy With Printable Cereal Coupons?

With printable cereal coupons, you can usually buy almost any brand name product. In most cases, these do not apply to generic cereal products, as they are often sold at discounted price when compared to brand name products.

Here is a list of brands that you can usually find printable cereal coupons for:
  1. Captain Crunch
  2. Cinnamon Toast Crunch
  3. Lucky Charms
  4. Fruity Pebbles
  5. Frosted Flakes
  6. Cheerios
  7. Coco Pops
  8. Trix
  9. Apple Jacks
  10. Raisin Bran

Generally, printable cereal coupons can help you get anywhere from 50 cents to two dollars off these brands. During heavy promotional periods, you may even be able to find "buy one, get one free" deals.

How Much Can I Save With Printable Cereal Coupons?

This will obviously vary based on how large your family is and how many people within your household eat cereal on a regular basis. If we assume that you have a family of five, and each family member eats it for breakfast each morning, you will probably consume two to three boxes of cereal per week. Over the course of a year, you would expect to consume up to 156 boxes of cereal. If you could get two dollars off per box, you would save approximately $300 for the year. This isn't a large amount of money, but when you add it to savings of other products, you could probably use this savings to take a family vacation!

Where Can I Get Printable Cereal Coupons Online?

There are a variety of places online where you can find your savings:
  • Special K - If you enjoy Special K cereal, you can find coupons from Kellogg here.
  • eBay - eBay features a ton of people who sell coupons at incredibly good deals, so that your savings far outweigh the amount you spend on the coupons.
  • General Mills - You can get some good printable cereal coupons straight from General Mills' website.
  • Cheerios - If you like Cheerios, here you can sign up and receive some very high value savings.
These are only a handful of savings - considering there are dozens, if not hundreds, of types of cereal on the market today, you are sure to find many more printable cereal coupons if you keep your eyes open online. Remember, you should ignore the fact that the savings seem small. Over time, these savings add up and there's no telling how much you will save if you try to buy everything you can at a discount. Use this savings on things you enjoy (like a vacation) or to pay the bills! Enjoy!