Save Money with Burger Coupons

When it comes to fast food hamburgers it is really hard to compete with Burger King's Whopper with cheese. Aside from the fact that it has something like 1000 calories it is absolutely delicious. Toss some bacon on it and it is probably my favorite fast food burger. Burger King is pretty affordable to start out with, but a Whopper Combo can start to get a bit pricy so its always smart to try and take advantage of Burger King Coupons

In this article I will go over a few different ways you can save money when eating at Burger King

Printable Burger King Coupons

Burger King Coupons

Printable Burger King Coupons have got to be the easiest way to save money when eating at Burger King. Simply print the Burger King Coupon and head to your favorite Burger King franchise. To make life really easy Burger has made a simple web site where you can sign up to get updated whenever they have deals as well as new printable Burger King coupons available. The really neat thing about the service they offer is that you can even opt in to have Burger King send you a message via SMS to your cell phone when something goes on special.

Burger King Coupons

There are many places you can find regular Burger King coupons. The first and most popular place to look is in your weekly flyers that come in your newspaper. At least once a month I receive a sheet of Burger King coupons that are good for the entire month. Some of the coupons include buy one meal get the second half price or buy one sandwich get the second free. I would recommend keeping all the different coupons you find in your newspaper and keep them in a separate place so you have options when it comes time to pick your fast food.

Burger King Coupons on Ebay

I know it sounds stupid to pay for your Burger King coupons, but if you do a search on ebay for Burger King coupons you can find tons of coupons that are good for free food at a ridiculous fraction of the real price of the food. You may wind up paying for some of the coupons, but the fact that they are exchangeable for free food makes the value well worth the cost.

Whopper Wednesday

I'm not sure if Whopper Wednesday exists everywhere, but where I live, every Wednesday you can head to any local Burger King and pick yourself up a Whopper for just 99 cents. That's right, for under a dollar you can get yourself a nice juicy flame grilled Whopper. I actually have a few friends who pick up five or six Whoppers on Whopper Wednesday and pack them for lunch for the rest of the week; after all you can't beat a week worth of burgers for $5!