Save Money With KFC Coupons

Growing up in my family, every Thursday we always got a bucket of KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) rain or shine. It was a tradition and something I've carried over into my family. Even when money is tight, Thursday night KFC chicken is something we will never get rid of.

To keep this family tradition in tact, I've made sure I've always committed to finding printable KFC coupons online, or dug through the newspaper to find a few dollars off. Tons of people love KFC around North America so I thought I'd share some of my sources for finding KFC Coupons.

KFCPrintable KFC Coupons

The first place I always look is on KFC's website, they have a section dedicated to printable KFC coupons. To find the promos on KFC's website, go to, then in the top menu choose promos. After you are in the promos section on the left hand side you will see a link to "Printable Coupons". Click this and you can register to get all the latest printable KFC Coupons.

Traditional KFC Coupons

If you don't have access to a printer, the other way you can save money on KFC is by finding their weekly flyers coupons in the newspaper. Try to gather all the newspapers in one spot and go through all the flyers and coupons to locate anything KFC related. Usually there are a handful of offers on one flyer, so even if you use one, make sure you hold on to the other KFC coupons in case you don't get another flyer for a few weeks. These flyers typically are good for around a month.

Regular KFC Promotions

If you are completely stuck and can't print the online coupons and don't have access to any KFC coupon flyers, the next best thing to do is just call your local KFC. Ask them if they have any current promotions or deals going on. If they do, order the promotional offer as you usually are able to save a bunch of money selling whatever is currently on special.