Save Money with Kibbles and Bits Coupons

If you have ever turned on a TV and seen a dog food commercial, chances are you've seen one of the many hilarious commercials by Dog food manufacturer Kibbles and Bits (Kibbles 'n Bits). What separates Kibbles and Bits dog food from other dog food is that it features two different types of textures in one bag. Half of the food is chewy while the other half is crunchy, offering a more appetizing dog food alternative for your dog.

Pet food prices can definitely add up over time, so like other things in your life, the smart thing to do is to find dog food coupons that you can use on your Kibbles and bits, or find places that offer dog food at a discount. This article will show you different ways to save money on your Kibbles and Bits dog food.

Printable Kibbles and Bits Coupons

Printable coupons are always a great way to save money on food. Thanks to the Internet it is much easier to find printable Kibbles and Bits coupons than it was a few years back. All you have to do to get a printable Kibbles and Bits coupon is to head to the Del Monte Kibbles and Bits web page and sign up for their web club. The current promotion as of June 2009 is a $2 coupon off any Kibbles and Bits purchase. Once you are signed up there are other great Kibble and Bits promotions you can take advantage of as well.

Buy Kibbles n Bits Online

Grocery stores tend to have a higher markup on dog food because their customers don't have the luxury to be able to price compare in store. If you buy your Kibbles n Bits online, you can save yourself tons of money because there are so many companies competing for your business. Visit and search for Kibbles n Bits. You will get a large list of different suppliers which should help you save some money on your puppy chow!

Local Flyers

Most local grocery stores have a weekly flyer and since many Americans have pets, there is usually some kind of dog food coupons inside the flyer. When you head to your favorite grocery store, always take a minute to look and see what kind of deals are currently on, you might find some Kibble n Bits coupons!

Here is a funny Kibbles and Bits commercial