Six Flags Discounts

I have been to many of the Six Flags amusement parks around the United States and while it is extremely fun, the price can add up pretty quickly if you have a decent sized family. Whenever I plan on vacationing somewhere with a Six Flags, I do some planning in advance to make sure I am equipped with some sort of Six Flags Coupons. Every penny I save on a vacation is another penny I can put towards my next family vacation.

The following techniques can be used to save money at most of the Six Flags parks. Whether you need to dig out a Six Flags coupon in advance or simply print your tickets online, there are plenty of ways to save if you follow my simple tricks.

Six Flags

Printable Six Flags Coupons - Buy Tickets Online

Each Six Flags location has different deals, but if you simply print your tickets online, often times Six Flags will allow you to save up to 50% on your ticket price. The other major perk to buying your Six Flags tickets online is that you don't have to wait in line when you get to your Six Flags destination. Take a look at Six Flags website for more details.

Six Flags Season Pass

If you are planning to go to a Six Flags location more than once, buy yourself a Season Pass. There are a few benefits to getting a Six Flags season pass. First of all, it is only $10 more than buying a standard ticket, so if you go two or three times in a year, you are dramatically cutting the price of each trip. Also, when you buy a season pass to a Six Flags park, you also get $400 in Six Flags Coupons that you and your friends can redeem in the park. There are also days where Six Flag season pass holders can bring a friend for free.

Six Flags Tickets on eBay

Sometimes people get six flags tickets for gifts or as a parting gift from their school. Not everybody likes amusement parks so you will almost always find some deep discounts when you buy your Six Flag tickets online at eBay. Just hit up and do a search for Six Flags.

Entertainment Books

If you are going on vacation or live in a city that has an Entertainment book, you may want to pick one up as they are usually only around $30. Most local entertainment books will have some sort of Six Flags Coupon that you can redeem to get inside the park or perhaps on some food or refreshments.