Save Money with Subway Coupons

If you want a quick nutritious meal where you have direct control over what goes into your meal Subway is a great option. Subway offers sandwhiches, wraps and salads so there are plenty of different options in terms of what kind of meal you can get. If you plan on eating at Subway all the time it can get pricey so trying to source out Subway coupons is essential for anybody with money on their mind.

This article will explain how you can save money on Subway both through finding Subway coupons as well as alternative ways to save money on your favorite freshly made sandwiches.

Subway CouponsPrintable Subway Coupons

Nothing beats being able to print out a coupon off a companies web site and being able to instantly save money with them. Unfortunately Subway fluctuates their coupons and offers online. Some times Subway has printable coupons and sometimes they don't. To find out if there are currently any printable coupons available, you will need to signup for their fresh buzz program. On top of being sent subway promotions and Subway coupons to your email you will also be sent Subway news.

Subway Coupons in Flyers

Subway is very similar to Quiznos in how they distribute their coupons. At least once a month Subway will release a page full of Subway Coupons in the flyer insert that comes in your weekly local paper. Whenever your newspaper shows up I would reccomend digging out all the fast food coupons and place them in one spot. Often times the Subway coupons will come with a buy one get one free offer, $2 off a foot long sub as well as a few others. Make sure you double check the expiry date as these Subway coupons are usually only good for the month you receive them.

Subway $5 Footlongs

If you don't have any Subway coupons, don't go into a panic. Subway has recently launched $5 Footlongs. There is pretty good selection of subs that you can get for just $5. Most people don't need to eat a full footlong so you can either share it with a friend to cut your cost in half or save the other half for lunch the next day.