Save Money with Claritin Coupons

In May every year like clockwork, my allergies kick in. My eyes water, I sneeze and my throat itches like nobodies business. Over the course of my allergy season I wind up spending over $100 on Claritin or other antihistamine based products. I hate it because, spending money on Claritin and allergy medicine is money that I could use elsewhere. Unfortunately I have a very hard time fending off my allergy symptoms so I have no choice but to spend the money on Claritin pills.

Luckily I've found a few different methods to help reduce the cost of all the Claritin I have to purchase. I will outline a few ways to save money on Claritin in this article.

image2246Printable Claritin Coupons

The first thing I always do before going to pickup my Claritin supply is check the company web site to see if they have any printable Claritin Coupons. Claritin usually has a handful of different promotions going on, bring the printable Claritin coupon to your pharmacy and save some money right at the store.

Online Claritin Discounts and Coupons

One of my favorite places to look online to save money on products, is Amazon. They have a ton of different suppliers which they pit against each other resulting in the most savings for us as buyers.

Claritin on Ebay

Another great place to look online to get deals on Claritin without having a printable coupon is eBay. Often time's companies will go out of business and their stock is liquidated at a major discount. This means major savings on Claritin for us without having to come up with promo codes or coupons.

Claritin Coupons in Flyers

The retailers know that a large percentage of the population starts to suffer from allergies come spring time. As a result they often post loss leader Claritin coupons in the flyers that get distributed in the weekly newspapers. If you don't know what a loss leader is, it is basically when a retailer takes a loss on a sale in order to get you into the store to buy other stuff. Keep your eyes peeled for these flyers come spring as they are heavily available.

Claritin Coupons in Store Flyers

The last place to look for Claritin coupons is within the retailers in store flyers. Most grocery stores offer a weekly flyer with all sorts of different coupons in them. Keep your eyes peeled for deals on Claritin as well as other allergy medications.

What is Claritin?

If you have never heard of Claritin it is simply an allergy drug that people take to combat allergy symptoms. The active ingredient inside Claritin is Loratadine which is an antihistamine and helps suppress normal allergy symptoms.