Printable Diaper Coupons (22997)

Printable diaper coupons are crucial to any parents with infants. Unlike other baby products (with the exception of food), diapers are used and disposed of multiple times per day, throughout a child's infancy. On average, a parent spends $10 per week on diapers per child. Over one year, a parent spends approximately $520. Over the entire infancy of a child, diaper purchases often exceed $1,500. If you're a parent with multiple children, you can see that this necessity could become very expensive. This is why printable diaper coupons are instrumental to a parent's budgeting process.

Where Can A Parent Get Printable Diaper Coupons?

Printable diaper coupons can be found in a variety of places, and this article will show you many of those. By keeping these in mind, you can seriously cut back on this frequent expense. Here are some places to find printable diaper coupons:
  • Money Saving Mom - This blog often showcases printable diaper coupons. In fact, this link shows you an example of one coupon, where you can save $3.00 off your next Huggies purchase.
  • Mom's View - This website has a ton of great printable diaper coupons, among other baby products that you can save money on.
As you can see, these are only a couple of the many good options for printable diaper coupons!

What's a Good Use for the Money Saved By Using Printable Diaper Coupons?

One suggestion is that you take this savings and put it toward something in the child's future, like his or her education. You could invest the money in a 529 plan, which basically allows parents to deposit the money into an investment fund (there are many to choose from), and this money grows tax-free, provided it is ultimately used for a child's higher education (i.e. future tuition costs). Because the money grows tax-free, it's as if your savings are actually much larger.

To illustrate the impact of using savings from printable diaper coupons, let's assume you have one child who is in diapers from birth through age three. Over the three years, you will have spent approximately $1,560 on diapers. Let's also assume that each week, you are able to use a "$3 off" coupon. This amounts to $156 per year or $468 at the end of three years. Now, you would take the $468 and put it into a 529 plan for the next 15 years. Assuming you put this money in an investment that earns, on average, 8% per year (which is a reasonable stock market return estimate over a long period of time), your $468 will have grown to approximately $5,650 by the time your child is 18. While this doesn't cover his or her entire college expense, it could easily cover a semester or year of tuition, depending on the type of school. Furthermore, this is ONLY from your diaper savings - it does not include any other college savings.

This is a great way to put your savings obtained through printable diaper coupons, to good use. And just think, when your child is ready to go off to college, it'll be a funny a story to tell him or her about where much of the college savings came from!