Doritos, the highly popular flavored tortilla chips, were first introduced to the market in 1964 by Frito-Lay, a division of PepsiCo Inc. They were the first tortilla chip to ever be launched nationally and have become popular in many countries worldwide with a wide variety of flavors. The first flavor on the market was Toasted Corn, however the brand's most popular flavor was Nacho Cheese which was launched in the early 70s. There have been more than a dozen flavors and varieties of Doritos but the most successful and longest lasting have been Nacho Cheese and Cool Ranch.

Another concept launched by the company, which has become well known for innovative ideas and hugely popular advertising campaigns, was "Doritos Collisions" which features bags of tortilla chips with two different flavors such as Hot Wings and Blue Cheese in the same bag. In 2008 Doritos launched an advertising campaign based on a contest which was referred to as the mystery flavor quest where people would received prizes as the puzzles were sold. In 2009 Doritos released another two new flavors, associated with late night eating under the general name of Doritos Late Night. The two flavors are Tacos at Midnight and Late Call Jalapeno Poppers.

DoritosDoritos: Vote for Your Favorite Super Bowl Commercial

Doritos invested heavily in commercials that were aired during the Super Bowl, with most of their ads ranking in the top 5 in terms of popularity. For Super Bowl XLI Doritos came up with a new concept to involve customers in the creative process by allowing the general public to choose which commercial would be aired during the Super Bowl. This became very popular and Doritos ads always rank among the most popular commercials to be featured during the Super Bowl.

Doritos are a staple snack in many households with flavors to suit any palate and, of course, they are a Super Bowl favorite. With the company's ability to continuously innovate and reinvent itself and by listening to their consumers, Doritos will always be a popular snack.

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Visit the Doritos website to print off as many printable Doritos coupons as you need, but you'll probably be checking the site out more often than once a week because it is an amazing website. Great snacks and brilliant entertainment at affordable prices, what more could anyone ask for.