Printable fast food coupons are easy to find online. They can also save you a small fortune if you eat your work lunches out several days a week. The secret of finding fast food coupons is to know where to look.

Here Are 5 Places to Get Your Fast Food Coupons for Free

1. Print fast food coupons on restaurant websites. Most fast food chains now have printable coupons on their websites. All you need to do to get some great deals is go to their websites and sign up for their mailing lists. Most will let you print a coupon as soon a you have registered and will email you new coupons on a regular basis.

2. Print fast food coupons online. Check out the latest printable coupon websites for instant printable coupons. is one of the biggest free printable grocery coupon and restaurant coupon sites online and usually has several hundred offers every month or so.

3. Get free fast food coupons mailed to your home. Another way to get free fast food coupons is in the mail. Signing up on the corporate websites will get you free offers mailed to your house on a regular basis. Additionally, you can usually find free fast food restaurant coupons in the junk mail and Valpak that is mailed to your home.

4. Check for free restaurant coupons and fast food coupons in the Sunday food section of the newspaper. The Sunday newspaper food section has regular coupon offerings for fast food and local restaurants as well as the grocery coupons we are all accustomed to. Check every week for regular offers on dining out.

5. Try electronic fast food coupons. Cellfire is a company that will send paperless electronic fast food coupons to your cell phone, iphone or wireless devices. Register and select the offers you would like and they will automatically send them to you within seconds.

If you are looking to save a bundle on eating out, be it with fast food or regular restaurant dining all you need to do is take the time to do a few minutes research online and you can usually come up with a free fast food coupon. Free fast food coupons are readily available for printing on most coupon sites for just about every fast food chain out there. Spending just a minute or two will usually get you a 50% savings off your meal just of taking the initiative to track down and print the free fast food coupon at your restaurant of choice.