A printable graduation invitation might be the best, cheapest, fastest and fun alternative to store bought graduation invites. Clearly store bought invites have a lot of advantages so before you set out to use a printable graduation invitation you do need to be sure of why you are doing it and you are happy to accept the limitations. In that case you should have no trouble finding the ones you want to use and they will likely be free. You also need to be sure about what a printable graduation invitation costs you. There are not too many things in life that are really free and that applies also to a printable graduation invitation. The invitation will cost money to print in terms of printer ink and you might wish to pay for good quality paper. Although the printable graduation invites may cost something they will likely be cheaper than the store bought ones you had in mind. However this might be worth checking.

When deciding to use, or not, a printable graduation invitations you should be clear what you are doing. First check out the range on offer and make sure you find a design. If this might be hard for you then you might like to set out your criteria in advance. That could be you decide on the colors to be used which could be college colors for example. You will need to decide on the shapes and perhaps borders in the designs. You might like to have a photo of the graduate in a particular position. You may like to have other symbols of graduation like caps and scrolls. You may like to have other symbols such as a chess piece as that is the graduate's favourite pursuit. All of this will give you a start and you can quickly narrow down what you want the invite to look like. If you find a printable graduation invitation that is close enough to this then you are there. Next you will want to be sure the wording says it all for your graduate. You do need to have the best wording and really give a clear message about the graduate's achievements and the feelings you have about it. If the invites are for a ceremony then you will have formal wording, for a party it will be more informal and much more inviting. You may be lucky in that you do not quite find what you want but the provider has a simple process for you to make the alterations you need to make it wonderful.

While you go through this process it is worthwhile remembering that you are marking one of the biggest moments in the life of the graduate. You are making the graduate feel brilliant just as much as you are including your family and friends in the occasion. Before you finally do use a printable graduation invitation you really do need to be sure that it is exactly the right thing to do. It can be tempting to use this quick and simple resource, but the invitation does need to work for you.