Imodium Coupons

Imodium makes anti-diarrheal pills which help when you are traveling or have some digestive problems like I do. I find that Imodium works the best for me when I go on flights or when I travel long distances. When I was younger I had my gall bladder removed and these pills help me maintain a normal bowel function when I am on the road.

Why Imodium Works For Me

Due to the removal of my gall bladder I am unable to process fat as well as I could with my gall bladder still intact. Imodium helps me maintain my bowel function so I don’t have any “accidents” on the road. I like the chewable variety and I only take part of the pill since too many Imodium can do the opposite and give you constipation. These pills are great for older people too who might need to use the washroom more frequently on trips and can’t always get there in time. Of all the ant-diarrheal pills I have tried I always go back to Imodium. You get fast, effective and long-lasting relief from symptoms, often in just one dose.

The advanced brand also works on gas, cramps and bloating symptoms that can occur after a heavy meal.  They also have a caplet version that works well too but works belter with a sip of water, the chewable you can digest right away although a drink will remove the lingering taste of the product. When I can’t use the washroom right away I rely on these pills to still enjoy my long trip. They came in handy with my recent cross Canada trip with my girlfriend.

Imodium Printable Coupons

While Imodium works very well these pills are quite expensive and having some coupons is always a great idea. You can get them in flyers and here in Canada, they frequently go on sale through Shoppers Drug Mart and often in Wal-Mart too. Use this printable coupon if you’re in Canada and USA residents can send away for this coupon.  Check online for other coupons and make sure you watch your flyers on a weekly basis because these coupons can appear at any time. While there are other cheaper medications for diarrhea I find that this product is still the best of the bunch and seems to work well for me.  These coupons are well worth using and saving up on your next purchase of the product. If you get enough of them you can go and do the extreme coupon thing which is becoming a very popular way of saving money on your grocery bill and everyday items such as pills and medications.

Check With Your Doctor

before you use any medication you are not sure of you should check with your doctor since every case of diarrhea is different. Drink plenty of water when you have this condition to rehydrate yourself and try to get some rest if it continues. If your problem lasts for more than a few days tyou should consult with your family doctor. These pills have helped me manage my life without a gall baldder and they will work for occassional bouts of diarrhea for normal people as well. Sometimes various foods can impact how often you get the condition so that might be something to look into as well. I hope printable Imodium coupons give you great savings and that you recover from your condition as soon as possible.