How To Use Printable Mom Bucks To Encourage Positive Behavior

Another Twist On Printable Behavior Charts

If you are a parent, then you know just how hard it can be to motivate your child to do the things that you need him or her to do. Some of these behaviors include: getting homework done on time (or doing homework at all!), cleaning up, helping out with household chores, getting along with others, especially siblings, getting ready in the morning independently, and the list goes on. If any of these rings true for you, then using printable Mom bucks just might give you the help you need to change your child's behavior for the best!

 Let's take an example. Sally comes home from school and she is understandably tired from a day at school. Usually, she needs a snack and some downtime as soon as she finishes school. You know she has homework, but inevitably, she doesn't want to do it. She's too busy playing with her toys and looking at books and the mere mention of homework sends her into either a tantrum, whining or defiance. Typically, you'll have to try to explain that her teacher expects her to finish her homework each night, and if that doesn't work, you might explain that homework is a way to help her learn, etc. Frustration is mounting and every night, this is a tired old challenge.

Sound familiar?

The solution might be to use printable Mom bucks. Essentially, Printable Mom Bucks are printable bills (they look a little like dollars, but they are obviously not real). You tell Sally that if she does her homework without whining, she will earn a Mom buck. Each Mom buck allows her to go "fishing" for a toy. You've already been to the local dollar store to fill up a box with trinkets and small toys and she will get to pick one toy for each Mom buck she earns. 

Surprisingly, this little trade off is exactly what Sally needs to move her away from the pattern of whining and on to doing what you need her to do: her homework without whining. 

Using printable Mom bucks is a great way to give your child a little extra motivation and you (the parent) less frustration!

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