Save Money with Printable Pop Tart Coupons

Every now and then I get bored of my standard breakfast cereal and toast and so do my kids. This is why I always keep a few different boxes of Pop Tarts in my cupboard to keep breakfast interesting. My kids love the fact that they can get away with eating chocolate for breakfast now and then and I've had a secret Pop Tart fetish since I myself was a little kid.

Like all things commercial, buying Pop Tarts on a weekly basis can really add up on your grocery bill so when we do pick them up, we make sure we either have some sort of pop tart coupon or look for discount Pop Tarts on sale.

Pop TartsPrintable Pop Tart Coupons

The Internet has made saving money easy. Just about every company out there wants more information about their customers and Pop Tarts is no different. Signup for Pop Tarts Sprinklings and get free printable coupons, freebies and sample products just for being a member. You might have to give them a little bit of information about yourself, but the samples and printable pop tart coupons alone are worth it!

Pop Tarts Coupons on Ebay

I know it sounds stupid to pay for coupons, but for a very small fee you can get coupons good for free Pop Tarts as well as coupons that wind up giving you massive instant savings when you cash them in at your local grocery store.

Pop Tarts on

Amazon now offers other merchants the ability to sell their stuff when Amazon doesn't carry a similar product. This opens the doors up to us as consumers for finding awesome deals as it pitts the merchants against each other, simply go to ans search for pop tarts and you will see all sorts of crazy deals.

Wholesale Pop Tarts

If you have a Costco or Sam's Club in your neighborhood and plan on eating Pop Tarts quite frequently, considering buying a bulk family pack. It might cost you a bit extra up front, but it will dramatically reduce the cost per unit over the course of your Pop Tart eating days. Just make sure your kids don't go hay wire and constantly pig out on Pop Tarts if you have a massive supply.

Flyer Coupons at Grocery Stores

This one is so obvious I barely need to mention it, but so many people neglect to investigate the weekly flyer at their grocery store. When I show up at the grocery store, I quickly skim through the coupon list. You would be surprised how often you find breakfast cereals and Pop tart coupons that could save you a few bucks.