The sandwich is the original fast food and can be traced back to 17th century Netherlands, where open-faced sandwiches were a staple for men while gaming and drinking in the evenings. It quickly became popular with the aristocracy in England and became the go to late night meal for polite society. With the rise of the industrial society in the 19th century the sandwich gained widespread fame as it was a fast, portable and inexpensive meal, ideal for the working classes.

The sandwich is still one of the most popular portable meals in the world and the number of retailers selling sandwiches, either as their core business or as an added service to their customers, is a testament to its versatility.

Togo's specializes in making the best, tastiest sandwiches which do not forgo quality in favor of quantity. In fact, their motto is that you can have both quantity and quality, at a reasonable price. Opening its doors to the public in 1968 for the first time, Togo's commitment to producing excellent sandwiches from the best ingredients has made it one of the most popular sandwich vendors with points of sale all over the US.

TogosTogo's Sandwiches: You Don't Need a Microscope

Togo's motto is that quantity need not be sacrificed for quality, nor the the other way around, especially when you can have both. You won't need a microscope to find the filling in Togo's sandwiches and every mouthful will be an explosion of flavor, giving you a completely new appreciation for the modest sandwich. Redefine your impression of a sandwich with Togo's gourmet menu.

Togo's custom sandwiches give you the flexibility and freedom to create a new sandwich every day, and with fresh, high quality ingredients it's the healthiest, most affordable portable meal available anywhere. From hot to cold, to vegetarian as well as the chef's inspiring creations, the possibilities are endless and your only limitation is imposed by your imagination.

Printable Togo's Coupons: Saving Time and Money

Togo's continues the tradition of the sandwich by helping you to save both time and money. Printable Togo's coupons make eating on the go even more affordable and a truly cost-effective alternative to making your own. Instead of wasting time to make your own lunch or quick dinner Togo's does it all for you, and with the best ingredients. Time is the one commodity that is priceless and it's the one thing that you can never get back, so why squander it when Togo's makes it so affordable to get great food.

Printable Togo's coupons are available at www.togos .com, making life even easier as you don't have to waste time hunting for great deals. Togo's puts them at your fingertips, so that you can enjoy great sandwiches while saving both money and time.

Printable Coupons: The Best Debt-Reduction Assistant

Printable coupons are becoming extremely popular for a number of reasons but most importantly because they are easily accessed and you can find deals for all your favorite products quickly, without the limitations that other sources, such as the Sunday paper, impose. The savings you can make by using printable coupons are quite impressive, as a determined savvy shopper can cut their spending by more than 20%.

According to statistics, the average family's monthly grocery bill comes to around $700. Imagine if you could save 20% of that bill, namely around $140, and you put the extra towards paying your debts off faster. That's an extra $1,600 every year by which you can slash your debt, which leads to a snowball effect in savings as you also save money on the interest you would have had to otherwise pay on that money. That's just for groceries! Imagine if you started using printable coupons for everything, from coffee to lunch to an evening out. The possibilities are endless.

So, hop on the printable coupon train and make your way to a stress free and debt free life. Togo's will make sure you have the best quality sandwiches at the most affordable prices for the trip, so you can focus on more important things, like getting to your destination faster.